Are you flirty?

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Are you a major flirt or cool with the guys? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    You see Him in the hall. What is your first response?
  • 2
    He’s been talking to you a lot on IM lately. Do you...
  • 3
    You walk into the room at a party and look around. You see some of your girl-friends and then notice him. Your first response would be to...

  • 4
    You see him at a school football game, but you don’t think he notices you so you keep sitting there watching your school get crushed. Then, he comes over with some of his friends and asks you to come and walk around with him and his friends. You…
  • 5
    You’re going on a school field trip and the bus is full when you get on. You see two empty seats: One next to Claire, your BFF since Kindergarten, and one next to Him. Which do you pick?
  • 6
    You, all of your friends, Him, and all of his friends are going to a movie. You just got out of the candy line and see that all of the seats are filled, but then see that HE saved you a spot. Once you are sitting down, he starts to gradually put his arm around you. You respond by…

  • 7
    Your school goes out for a field trip and on the way back you go out for fast food. Everyone must pay for their own meal, but when you get there you notice he forgot his money. What do you do?
  • 8
    Your school is having their annual spring play and you’ve just got the lead. Surprisingly enough he got the lead too. The play is Romeo and Juliet, and he said he wants to rehearse lines at your place. He asks to act out the romance scene. You…
  • 9
    He is picked to be your partner for the science project. He suggests a study date at his place later that afternoon. You agree. When you arrive you realize there is more "date" than "study" going on. He tries to make a move while you're sitting on his couch. You react by...
  • 10
    The final for soccer are in a week and your coach has asked everyone to brush up on their skills, so you go to your crush for a practice session. Once you’re there he starts to get really flirty. You…

Comments (22)


26 days ago
So I'm gay....I don't flirt with guys lol,
120 days ago
I’m a mini flirt at 9
132 days ago
Hahah I got mini flirt, but I flirt with everyone!🤷‍♀️😂🤣
261 days ago
Lol it says I’m a mini flirt, but in reality I flirt with anyone and everyone, all the time
Some of the options that were supposed to be more “flirty” were just kind of annoying, and more like, desperate than flirtatious
553 days ago
Ima macho flirt 😂
557 days ago
macho flirt!!!!!🤣😎🤗
576 days ago
Im a Mini flirt at🔟❗❗❕😎❕
576 days ago
His name is Gavyn🤤
576 days ago
I don't get myself into trouble though😳
576 days ago
I'm a flirtflirt♡😋
576 days ago
HessocuuuuuuuteHessocuuuuuuuteHessocuuuu uuute

By former Mary 😁
576 days ago
OMG I hope he asks me out but he probably won't because we're just 1️⃣0️⃣😊
648 days ago
Oh yeah baby mega macho flirty
693 days ago
Mega Macho Flirty. I've had 7 boyfriends already so I guess it's correct.
722 days ago
Love it I’m a nacho flirt
775 days ago
i'm not flirty with my good friends but i'm kinda flirty with not so good friends
784 days ago
ME SUPER NACHO FLIRTY!!?!! IM ONLY A KID.. WOW.... good thing I'm ugly 🤥😂
806 days ago
I'm flirty? ME? Pffft, NOOOOO!
814 days ago
Not bad. Some of these U want to do to my crush but I chose the more realistic ones.
884 days ago
Nice quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!