What powers could you have?

The title says some of what the test is about. Out of four different powers which one would you get?

  • 1
    First what power would you want?
  • 2
    Would you like the power to fly into the sky, see what people are thinking, change into something else, or see through the walls of buildings?
  • 3
    How would you catch the bad guy?
  • 4
    Now you're the villain. How would you stop the hero this time?
  • 5
    You just discovered your power. How were they discovered?
  • 6
    Who has the best power?
  • 7
    What power do you want? Do you still want the power you choose before?
  • 8
    Are you sure you change your mind/want to keep it the same?(choose the power you want once more)
  • 9
    The bad guy is getting away! What do you do?
  • 10
    As a hero do you believe this saying? "With great power comes great responsibility".

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