Are You REALLY Emo?

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Are you or are you just a dumb poser?

  • 1
    Okay. First question. Do you like The Rites Of Spring?
  • 2
    Does slitting your wrists make you emo?
  • 3
    Are all emos bisexual or gay?
  • 4
    Do you tell people that you don't like your life?
  • 5
    Do you write poetry?
  • 6
    Do you have to be super skinny to be emo?
  • 7
    How do you clothes fit?
  • 8
    Is emo just a phase?
  • 9
    Do you call yourself emo or tell anyone that you are?
  • 10
    Last question. Do you play an instrument?

Comments (13)


Lauren (98523)
17 days ago
got 70% emo, but 1/2 the ppl here who say there emo sound super preppy so I don’t trust this -_- and yea emos aren’t suicidal cry babies.
Kakes (63719)
20 days ago
According to other quizzes I'm not Emo. I'm either Alternative or Scene.
Hermione (08563)
63 days ago
I admire people 4 their ability 2 be happy and proud of themselves. Time 2 listen 2 Panic! At The Disco or Fallout Boy
Macy (90749)
119 days ago
Well I’m 50% emo and I don’t care what others say. I’m proud of who I am 🙃
Nobody important (76697)
154 days ago
70% emo cool 😑not really bothered already thought just wanted to make sure I don't cut my self but I bite my hand it dug my nail in my arm if I am sad lol.
LMFAO (49340)
192 days ago
I'm not emo Lol and mabey want to become one? I dunno!!
Yay (89797)
201 days ago
90% emo
As i expected!
This year i strted to fell dakness filling me up so i took this test
Btw, i'm in6 grade DON'T JUDJE
Sry 4 my spelling
ANYWAYS, No, i am not this suscide lover, death lover, nor a ''scucidal crybaby'' Naa

And wait, r emos and goths the same thing?
Birdman (87867)
222 days ago
Life i only got fifteen percent o well now time to go listen to twenty one pilots or panic at the disco
A Person (95821)
244 days ago
Wow first quiz Ive seen that doesn't use those "suicidal crybabies" stereotype. Good job, you get a cookie :3
Arya Lahren granila (56020)
246 days ago
I’ve been emo since before mcr broke up. Dammm I miss them....I’m gonna go cry nowEnter
Kinsey (11937)
247 days ago
Number nine when it said no but people do it’s annoying is literally me
Literally no one (80580)
735 days ago
This is the best emo test. The others are like "I'm committing suicide rn" or "I LOVE EVERYTHING". I really respect you because you aren't one of those people who make an emo test thinking that mental disorder/being suicidal/self harm is the thing that makes you emo
Elle (01574)
902 days ago
Just wanted to say that I got emo, which I'm pretty sure is correct, and that I really admire that you know we all aren't "suicidal crybabies." Everyone thinks that. It's actually quite sad that everyone thinks this.