Do you Still love your Ex-boyfriend?

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When I broke up with my boyfriend I missed him, but sooner then later I began to full back in love with him. We became closer because of the break. So find out if you are like me, still love him...

  • 1
    You two are still close friends.
  • 2
    You call him every night and talk for hours.
  • 3
    You ask him questions like "IF I died would you miss me?"

  • 4
    Every sad movie/show you watch, you try to see you and him in that situation.
  • 5
    You think what it would be like if you never met him, If it would be better off.
  • 6
    You get nervous talking to him.

  • 7
    You hope he still feels something for you.
  • 8
    You wish he never came into your life.
  • 9
    You try to forget about him and move on.
  • 10
    When you were answering some of these questions, You smiled. Remembering how you guys still flirt with each other...

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217 days ago
ok i’m sorry but all of these questions were talking about if you still talked to your ex, i don’t talk to my ex but i am very much not over him lmao
1092 days ago
also there is a valentines dance coming up on the 13th, and i’m really hoping i can go so i can ask or (or maybe he will ask meeee) 💕😏
1092 days ago
it was both of us that broke up with each other, we got in a fight and when i tried talking to him he wouldn’t talk - he would just smile and have his friends speak for him. we see each other in the halls all the time and his friends always notice me and tell him that we’re “together” (i don’t really think being in the same hall is “together”, but thats what they think) i don’t know if he still has feelings for me, i know i still have feelings for him. it hurts to see him with other girls, even if they’re just friends. i really wish that we were still together ;( i’ve tried texting him, BUT HE NEVER RESPONDS!!! even thought he stares at me like every day, he never answers my texts or my calls. rip me ;(
1254 days ago
ha i just got bored. i broke up with him on the day of the dance few cuss word took 5$ for a dance ticket. we hate each other
1488 days ago
The last question made me cry but i know im better off without him because he was an a hole when we broke up ( he broke up with me)
1761 days ago
i think i am missing my ex but can not talk to anyone about it cause my friends know him