Popularity- Am I Popular?

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If you would like to know how popular you are take this quiz and find out!

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    Do you have many friends?

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169 days ago
"You are ok- I Guess."
187 days ago
I'm a boy and I took at and with the boyfriend question, we don't talk about that, I've had a lot.
275 days ago
im in 6 grade and im am emo 😎X﹏Xo(TヘTo)
275 days ago
true i am ok i have no friends but dont care and im emo and i got an ex
276 days ago
hi, i have decided to say this on some less popular platforms but um.. i think u mght have seen people online thinking that i am trans (im a girl now not a boy) on fan pages and tik tok and that is ...TRUE i needed to get it off my chest and i am crying rn because i haven't even told mama or papa but i will release it on my secret channel (i've told u about it before) any ways ME BIGGIE NORRIS IS TRANSGENDER SO I AM A GIRL NOT A BOY ok bye hopefully i see u in a vlog :)
337 days ago
You are ok- I Guess.

That made me sad
337 days ago
They say I am humble kid 😑
Bruhhhh laughing and dieying at the same time
381 days ago
It said I’m a good friend. Like bro people hate me so unmmm 😐
411 days ago
They said I'm popular, but I just like to think I like making friends :-)
445 days ago
I got told im a normal humble kid, good job. 😻 -.-... i dont get it- i literally have 0 friends. I mean if normal ppl dont have friends then yeah im normal
457 days ago
they say i am good
i am made by punkyjoe
457 days ago
i thought i was lesbian...
588 days ago
Ok, so I got popular ovi! I've had about a billion boyfriends including Marcus, my bf at the moment (He's like super cute) Toodles girlfriends 💋❤️
629 days ago
Well I am popular 100 percent I always thought I was!😊😊😊
647 days ago
I'm in 5th grade. I have many friends but I'm not really popular.
680 days ago
I got popular I knew I would anyway like duh!
687 days ago
I got popular!For being nice!I am not in middle school yet I am in the end 5th grade.So excited!This test made me feel more better about fitting in! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!
816 days ago
Test: You are a normal dumbo kid good job! Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
836 days ago
ALSO, I'm not popular UnU and I'm PROUD
836 days ago
"Normal, humble kid." I am only 11 yr old and I uhm....am very shy and I think my friends are fake ermmm....