How Gay Are You?

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Take this test to see how much gayness pumps through your blood. Are you a flamer? Or just a pure straight person? We shall see!

  • 1
    When you first meet someone, what do you first notice?
  • 2
    You answer the phone by saying:
  • 3
    When you have free time you:
  • 4
    The last time you were at a party, you:
  • 5
    Members of the opposite sex generally think of you as:
  • 6
    Your drink of choice?
  • 7
    If you had one day left to live, you would:
  • 8
    When alone, you:
  • 9
    For "protection" you would use:
  • 10
    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  • 11
    If you were asked to watch a baby for a day, you would:
  • 12
    Which are cooler?
  • 13
    Just between you and me, your favorite movie below is:
  • 14
    Which quote below best pertains to you?
  • 15
    You can beat Guitar Hero on:
  • 16
    You listen to:
  • 17
    When asked about your wardrobe, you say:
  • 18
    When I say "queer," you say?
  • 19
    The best way to get someone to like you:
  • 20
    Pick a number below. Don't pick the wrong one.
  • 21
    The first thing you do in the morning is:
  • 22
    Your come-back is usually:
  • 23
    Your internet connection is:
  • 24
    When you close your eyes, you see:
  • 25
    This is the last question. If you could do whatever you wanted, right now, you would:

Comments (29)


ANDPEGGY (03232)
2 days ago
Guess who's very gay but "isn't gay"
Hi (98603)
15 days ago
this is a lie in verr pan
The vale (77818)
16 days ago
Bi leaning towards men? I'm stumbling towards men. Also....who choose Jews?
Faggot352 (73367)
29 days ago
Mine was accurate.
JamIsJustJam (98878)
30 days ago
Guess whos Straight even though their 71% Gay :)
Zach (73552)
37 days ago
It said I’m straight through and through but we all know that’s not true😂
Darren (15516)
43 days ago
Have a bit of gay in me liking that
Yeet (16230)
47 days ago
It says I'm a bit gay. But I don't care 😊
YouWontGetMyName (11615)
81 days ago
Apparently i am straight - good to know, i think i should tell my boyfriend
Isa (93565)
97 days ago
"a bit gay". I'm panromantic asexual, and more into the same gender than anything
Harry (95484)
100 days ago
I'm not a wizard, I'm just Harry!
Adrian (22359)
119 days ago
For some of the questions I had no answer that applied. It says I am straight through and through. As if! LOL
Why do you need to mow my name? (98673)
119 days ago
"A bit gay" haha totally not bi
Callum (42403)
121 days ago
Im literally in bed being spooned there is a lush 8 inch d pressed against my arse and it says im straight haha
Cumlover (97588)
124 days ago
Ture this is a rip off
Evelyn (84435)
129 days ago
Yeah "a little gay"...not like I have a crush on my best friend who's same gender as ihahaha
Aldodo (13929)
131 days ago
It says I'm straight... I'm gay. But altleast the rest was right!
Martin Roper (36816)
133 days ago
I lied abit.
call me anon (39628)
139 days ago
just to clarify I'm not gay, just demiromantic-
call me anon (39628)
139 days ago
yeah, just "a little" gay, it's not like I asked out my best friend, who happens to be my gender, earlier today...