Is your original character a Mary Sue?

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A shortened Mary Sue Litmus Test

  • 1
    Is your character named after you?
  • 2
    Does your character have uncanny abilities that are abnormal to your fandom?
  • 3
    Does one or more of the canon characters fall madly in love with your OC, despite having a regular canon pairing?
  • 4
    Does your character have no flaws at all? (A flaw being something bad about their personality, be it too selfish, naive, etc. Not something utterly unimportant like "She can't play the harmonica," or "She's so beautiful, it's a fault. Those who do say that will be temporarily keelhauled.
  • 5
    Is she/he extremely attractive without having to work at it?
  • 6
    Do they have a pet that is not a cat, dog, or other common household pet? (Household pets with magical powers count, too.)
  • 7
    Does your character often 'save the day' or beats the bad guys, way more than the canon characters do?
  • 8
    Does your character have special eyes or hair whose colors cannot be found in the natural universe?
  • 9
    Does your character more good qualities than the canon characters combined? (i.e. smarter than the smartest AND braver than the bravest AND better fighter than the best fighter...)
  • 10
    Does your OC never do anything that would make them look bad, or does things in that category that are endearing? (i.e. tripping and letting her true love catch her, stuff like that)
  • 11
    Is your OC umber powerful or the best at anything he or she does, be it fighting, magic, etc.
  • 12
    Does your OC pick up skills unusually fast or succeeds at almost everything she does?
  • 13
    Tragic Past? Bad family? Unknown connection to royalty? Ran away? Parents died an unconventional death? Anything unusual about their past?
  • 14
    Is well versed in the Japanese culture, uses Japanese words in conversation, has a Japanese weapon, dresses in Japanese clothing, etc. without being Japanese?
  • 15
    Are any of the canon characters jealous of your OC's abilities, see her as a threat to their own romantic relationships because of their beauty/skills?
  • 16
    Do they fly? Without wings or apparent means?
  • 17
    In your story, is she the kick-butt master until her romantic interest comes along, in which case she becomes helpless and kidnapped, captured, etc?
  • 18
    Does she have a great singing voice, and/or plays an instrument especially well? (Piano, Harp, Violin, Guitar, Flute are popular ones for Mary Sues)
  • 19
    Does your character share any of your interests/hobbies/has a job you would like/music taste/interest in a canon character that you like also?
  • 20
    Did you ever, ever answer dishonestly on this quiz or convince yourself that your OC is not one of these, even though she most likely is?

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23 days ago
OC Name: Seishintekini Ijo
OC Age:19
Appearance: A tall, slim boi with a r o b o t arm with average clothing. His hair and eyes are light blue and wears a cap backwards
Powers/Abilities:Ice and corruption
Backstory: When he was born in Japan, his parents snesed he had corruption and was thrown out. He came to resent his parents more and more and became more insane then when he actually was at birth, and he wanted to kill anyone in his way and rule the world so he can be cruel to more people.
Species: Wolf/Human hybrid
23 days ago
My OC is actually a fan fic character lol. Also the ads covering evrything is INSANE!
30 days ago
The test is kind of unrelated to my character, but oh well. 95% pure
36 days ago
60% pure, although a lot of the questions didn't relate to my OC at all.
48 days ago
95% pure get dragged sis
63 days ago
85% pure. Quite alright.
74 days ago
Oops sorry I accidentally did a question incorrectly. It's actually 95% pure.
74 days ago
I received 82% pure.

I'm using this OC for a fanime. I was originally going to only use her as a minor love interest character, but have since altered her to be more involved in the story.

Name: Ryuuko Yutsuya
Age: 14 (10th grade)
Gender: Female

Appearance: Shoulder length, dirty strawberry blonde hair
Blue eyes
Darker than average (Due to working on the farm)
Chubby & pear-shaped

Alias: Ryu, Ri-chan

She previously lived in the country district of Karaga City before moving to Amanogawa Town. She used to have a older sibling named Haruhi, but they committed suicide a few years prior to the beginning of the story. (This is important to the story, as she becomes the villain and Ryu becomes the target of her doing).

Her father had given her a book on her 13th birthday, whom Kayako (a canon character's mother) had gifted to him, but was too scared to open it, giving it instead to his daughter (he is aware about Kayako and what was in the book).

When she first opened the book, a magical aura was unleashed upon her, and her hair absorbed its power. Because of her obsession with the supernatural, she practiced her magic and realised that her hair amplified her powers. She began learning how to write spells and such, and even writing fictional stories about all the kinds of ghosts she could encounter.

Before she was gifted the journal, she had met a canon character that moved away from the main town the story's set in, and they had become close due to their shared bond of the supernatural.

Likes: Writing, classical music, Green Tea

Dislikes: Marzipan, Hajime (another canon character), huge crowds
76 days ago
This is my OC:

Name: Maple
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Fairly tall. Amber Eyes. Brown hair. Tan-ish skin. Wears sweaters and jeans a lot. Has wings
Bio: She was born the spirit of the season fall. Her parents were also spirits of fall, but Maple had to take over by the age of 15.
Likes: Winter and Kai (The winter spirit and the summer spirit) Listening to music, and playing the guitar
Dislikes: Blossom, (the spring season) Loud things, being alone

And there is my OC!
82 days ago
Ma OC.

Name:Daichi Emiko
age: 16
gender: Male
Appearence: Pale and scrawny, with grey hair and deep black eyes. Always seems to be wearing sweaters/jumpers.
description/bio: He wasn't planned. his father, Kaito Emiko, a member of the yakuza (Japanese Mafia) met his mother, Sally Rutherford (a scientist on holiday) at a local bar. They got drunk and had Daichi!

Kaito didn't know he had a son, but when he found out, he took Sally's child and raised him as his own.

Sally, obviously heartbroken, went to the bar, met a guy and 9 months later had Daichi's brother, Jaxon.

Daichi became a heartless doll. not saying much or talking to many people but that all changed when he met Alyssa.

Alyssa was on holiday to Japan with her father. the two became almost insepearble. but luck striked as it wasn't a holiday. it was a buissness trip for an interview for a well-paying job! So Alyssa moved to the same school as Daichi.

Soon enough, Daichi started to fall for the girl. And bit by bit he became more social. But Alyssa announced she was going out with somebody.

(This is way too long and is going no where, so Imma skip on, all ur missing is Alyssa broke up with the dude)

Daichi asks Alyssa out, she accepts… THE END
(this was so long, sorry!!)
86 days ago
my OC is from my own OS (original story)
86 days ago
(Also, I’m sorry if I spam but here is her appearance) OC’s Name:Celeste - Gender:Female - Species:Goddess - Hair Colour:Yellow - Eye Colour: Blue - Age: she’s immortal- - Bio: Celeste is a sun goddess and she has quite a few flaws, she has wings but uses clouds to shift around. -
86 days ago
Hello! I just put in Celeste, my goddess character, and she was 95% pure! Oh boy, but she does have some flaws, like accidentally burning down a tree.
91 days ago
my character is a cat lol
97 days ago
Yes. I made another comment. This sounds awfully similar... Chara/ Frisk? But I'm not a fan of them, But it just sounds similar. But I didn't base him off of her. It was my idea until I found out about sans and stuff. I still wonder why there are a lot of fans... (Not an insult)
97 days ago
I got 70 something percent. He has flaws that make him look bad. He's basically this character who tries to reset the world and make it perfect but, everytime he tries to, he just destroys everything. It's like he isn't the hero or the villain but he wants to make the world a better place but never succeeds. So he's sort of the villain? I dunno.
98 days ago
He is a villain, no he doesn’t save the day!!!

Also I really wanted to scream at some ode these questions. I really hated it.

Also is it considered naming your oc after you if it’s like your name is Julian and his name is lian?
108 days ago
So my crazy boy is a good character
164 days ago
I got 85% pure! Though I kinda cheated cause I used my Wings of fire Oc, StarShade
185 days ago
Oc Name: Akiko

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Nationality: Mixed Japanese

Age: 15 years

Height: 5’5

Appearance: She has a slender, graceful figure, with smooth, clear, creamy-colored skin and a heart-shaped face. Her long, shiny, straight hair is a warm charcoal black, and her eyes are a deep cocoa that shine gold in the light.

Bio: She lives in her nomadic tribe in the forests of ancient Japan. Akiko is a very kind soul, gentle and empathetic, willing to help anyone in need.