Does your crush TRULY, HONESTLY, like you back?

Developed by: tomboy

Do you really want to know if he likes you? Just as friends? Or doesn't even know that you're a live?

  • 1
    When you pass the hall way with him, what is his reaction?
  • 2
    At the school dance did he ask you to dance?
  • 3
    Be TRULY and COMPLETELY HONEST if you're not then the test won't be right. Do you think that he likes you back?
  • 4
    If you're in the same sports or after school activity would he sit by you.
  • 5
    When you're sitting some where does he seem to always be in the back round of your eye sight.
  • 6
    Has he ever complimented you?
  • 7
    Does he flirt with you?
  • 8
    If you did something embarrassing in front of him, what would he do?
  • 9
    Does he remember things that you have said months later?
  • 10
    Last question. Now REALLY how do you feel about this guy?

Comments (41)


Hi (94197)
292 days ago
THIS QUIZ SUCKS!!! Idk what "correctly answered" means and some of the questions didn't make sense and my answers clearly weren't anything like the results so please delete this and make a new one
Lord of The Creams and such (45677)
358 days ago
Honestly, what does "correctly answered" even mean? Like, I'm more confused after having taken this quiz than I was beforehand.
Huntress (02921)
362 days ago
This quiz is crap. It told me to move on because he doesn't like me. Well he's said he loved me so.....your quiz is wrong
Shoup rocks (02579)
364 days ago
This was so sad 😭:( I got, "why the heck are you taking this quiz? Get the point he doesn't like you then. You just have to face the facts and find a new man to like. You have correctly answered 0 out of 10 questions
Saskia (80121)
369 days ago
Seriously? Okay, not to be rude, but some of these don't make sense.
What would he do?
No, he would tell his friends to stop.
Also, the answers are WAAAAAAY too harsh. I had my heart set on this guy and you shot me down. Jesus Christ.
Mackenzie (70485)
407 days ago
This quiz is crap. My crush likes me. But I got 3/10 right. What is this frick'n quiz's deal. At the end that was just da*n rude. Whoever made this is retarded!
slskk (13311)
414 days ago
not all our crush are from our school :/
Kitten (58759)
415 days ago
No offense, but this quiz is 💗 and you should change the type. You didn't make it the right quiz type for it to be a Does He Like Quiz. You made it so it's get it right or wrong. At the end it said you answered 1/10 questions right. Fix it, your quiz is crap
GG (37670)
416 days ago
These Questions do not make any sense.
...What would he do?
What's that supposed to mean?
NONE (43926)
424 days ago
Also Tomboy why so rude? that makes this quiz even more **ucking, REVOLTING. I will not recomend this quiz to ANYONE becauces the Q+A are WAY to harsh. Plus Tomboy I do not sw*ar alot{this is my FIRST time, I'm 11} so yeah if I'm saying this then you should really change this quiz you Tomboy!
Girl Pearl (43926)
424 days ago
Tomboy this is for you. For starters my crush almost highly likely likes me back. Your quiz however said 'Why the heack are you taking this quiz? Get the point that he doesn't like you then. You have to face the facts and find a new guy to like.' I think you should really change your quiz. Have you ever heard of a shy girl{me}? Or a shyish guy{him}? YOU need to get your facts right.
Tegi (42710)
431 days ago
@Love is life
So youre completly sure that hes a crush on you? Hmm, I think I would just tell him again, how you feel and that hes is very important to you. Just be brave and ask him again ;) If hes still not ready for a relationship, dont be sad. You will find the love of your life ;D
Just dont start unbelieving ;3
Love is life (26817)
431 days ago
Please someone I need to know I'm gonna be seeing him on Friday
Love is life (26817)
431 days ago
Hi guys I need some help I have a crush on one of my brothers friends and I have asked him out but he said he wasn't ready for a relationship... but he has a crush on me he also said ask me later it's been 2-3 months should I ask him out ????..... do you guys think we will be in a relationship????
SOFIa (98514)
432 days ago
we dated for 50 months even tho it said never we broke up because of his mom we loved but we moved ib with her
Joanne (81933)
432 days ago
What the fuk? Who is this tomboy? Telling me "why the heck are you even taking this quiz get the point he doesn't like you then" really makes me feel better. AS IF!
Emma (16045)
434 days ago
Well we are friends it told me to find another guy or keep dreaming :c
karina (99385)
435 days ago
its a cheap quiz
dosen't even deserve 1 star
mijoo (20841)
441 days ago
I know that SHE likes me cuz we dated but we broke up and we have both openly declared our love for each other. Piss off
anonymus (13253)
450 days ago
oh my frickin' god. why do you have to be so 💗 rude?