What kind of boy are you?

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Are you the go get them type of guy? Or do you wait for girl to ask you out?

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    You see a girl that you've liked for a while now.

    What do you do?

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571 days ago
???? u,,,, mmm ok and is he okay with that like
764 days ago
I'm actually not a boy...I took this test because I wanted to see what my brother was like. He seems pretty gay though. LOL
841 days ago
Well I'm pretty 🐤 gay
1480 days ago
“Phox” is also known as Charltonroks
1480 days ago
I know its you Charltonroks (you there, “Phox”)
1488 days ago
Mm isn't this what type of boy are you? not how easily can you get a girl? I'm gay anyway 😂
1575 days ago
1630 days ago
Eh. 4/10 I was expecting a “your a bully/gothic/shy/carefree/gamer”. Not about how great you are with girls. Oh well.
1655 days ago
I go I can get a girl whenever or I'm pretty good
1708 days ago
i really love this can you make one thats what will you marry
2140 days ago
you spelled break wrong
2259 days ago
Question 3 has no answer I would pick