Are You HOT? Girls Only

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Would I call you a total hottie? Take this test to find out!

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    What is your hair color?

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I aint tellin u mai name (58227)
12 days ago
I got "You are very hot! " and just lettin u know after you are very hot it says "I would ask you out if you made them move on me."
EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????
this is the weirdest test eva.
BTW this is very corny but even if u aint hot ur still beautiful on the inside and the outside. DONT LET THIS TEST SADDEN U.
theres my corny sentence.
isabelle (80047)
12 days ago
it said he would date me but im taken if a guy is on this i already helped a guy get a girl
Justin (07104)
16 days ago
love sexy girls very sexy girls
BrynLee (67586)
17 days ago
A guy should like you for who you are not what you look like
Country Music (07732)
27 days ago
A girl i got the same ones
A girl (36527)
33 days ago
No I do not have a move on you and I am super sexy and hot any guy would go out with me
A girl (58904)
37 days ago
i got very hot
Chheng hourng (81992)
44 days ago
Ooh I am hot 😳👍😄
Miranda (82305)
58 days ago
Awzies. I got very hot. Your sweet as pie. 😉🌹
Emogirl.15 (47601)
62 days ago
I got I'm Hot. Which I don't believe it at all. I'm average looking.
Rainbow Lilac (14903)
65 days ago
Thank you for making this quiz💖 I am very hot in real life and I'm gay yo
Emily 💖 (29874)
69 days ago
I got hot !!!
Oh my god that is like so offensive
Im smokin hot and really sexy and like really popular

Oh and isabella and emma and Olivia over you guys are so not hot at all
I bet youre not even cute or pretty. Youre just nerdy

Olivia Over (33065)
69 days ago
I got hot but I don't know if I really am🍍
emma (32633)
70 days ago
I got hot but idk if I am
Isabella (23156)
72 days ago
I got hot but I don't think I am THAT hot to be honest.
A cool guy (29828)
88 days ago
I know it said girls only but I wanted to meet some hot chicks. So hi HOT CHICKS
Your name (29828)
88 days ago
I got very hot !!!!!!!!! He said he would take me on a date if I made a move!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SEXY
Macala (69177)
92 days ago
I got very hot yes girl I could tell oh yh who else got that.
Blade (11831)
105 days ago
I got 'hot'
Even though I'm dirty blonde blue eyes super althletic 14 years old bisexual and In desperate need of a boyfriend who is like Finn from Gilmore girls


See ya'll
Harper (21080)
107 days ago
It said "Your so so hot I totally would want to go on a date with you!"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!