Am I Being Abused?

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Are you a little uneasy about your relationship? Are you unsure if you're just being paranoid? Are you positive that you're being abused and are just looking to back up yourself? Here is the place to find out for sure.

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    My partner teases me in a hurtful way in private or in public.
    My partner teases me in a hurtful way in private or in public.

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81 days ago
Wasn’t *** sorry lol
81 days ago
I didn’t realize for months. Not until I finally went behind her back and talked to my friend. Make me realize so much. Tried to talk about it. She kept cutting me off. Never got to finish talking about it. Before I talked to this friend she would threaten to push me when I would make her mad. And she started doing it. I have more than 10 marks and 3 knots on my body from just last night. We got into it and she kept jabbing me with her fingers. Pushing me away. telling me she will hit me that she want playing. Pinned me against the wall and grabbed only my arms to where it still hurts. This happened at 2am this morning it is now 11:51 pm. All her stuff is moved out and she is gone. But yes I feel bad about it. She’s going around saying that I’m telling everyone she abused me. Which I’m not. She’s trying to make me think I’m in the wrong still. That she’s not abusing me. Never would of thought.
137 days ago
So am in a situation av been with my kids dad for 11 in October at the start we was 16 I got pregnant fast live was fab I just come out of care and finally had a family of my own anyways I had my baby about 3 months later I get pregnant agen this is where it all starts we move out my dad's house an we r independent am now going on 18 at this point he hits me calls me names cheats on me I forgive I'm he goes to prison I chose to stand by my man months go by and I find someone new I move on am out of my hole have been it its going well kids dad still thinks am with I'm at this point he tryed to kill I'm self in person wen I told I'm I moved on wudnt let me go I choose to try agen with open eyes this time am now thinking have I don't the right thing time went on we had about 3 happy years agen I lost my dad had a other baby the names started agen we never really got over the past I guess I blocked it out to move on in a way we'll wen I was pregnant the last time something happened we had a scrap on the stairs but this time I hit back I scared I'm I cud see I didn't so the hitting stopped but now it's more I feel paranoid and wen I think I see the old signs I pull I'm but now I feel like he's smarter and knows how to work me even my own step mum has sed r u OK y didn't u stand up for ur self av I just grown to out up wif it or has he changed and now I am paranoid am lost and sick of all this 💗 and over things and depression so on I can go on all day thanks for reading xx
200 days ago
I'm 60 years old. I never got Hought I would be saying this about this man but I am becoming very afraid of what he might do. Most of what he does is verbal and mind games and just nothing at all. I have a kidney infection which is very painful, going into the 6th day. He won't clean up or bring me food, just the bare minimal, and only wh n I ask. He begrudges my requests by rolling have s eyes, but r acting like he didn't hear me and making me repeat the request, for in
252 days ago
My parents do drugs and let horrible things happen to me and my brother. My mom has trapped me in corners, yelled at me, calling me a w**** and a sl** and b**** and other stuff I'm not going to say. She lets alot of stuff happen to me. My dad let's boys come over and do stuff. I hate them so much.
281 days ago
Unkown: Go to someone at school, a teacher, if you are at school, or tell a family member. Never feel like you need to self harm, and no, you shouldn't die. If you feel threatened GO TO THE POLICE! They helped me, when my ayah was cruel, they'd help you too. I promise, you are not alone, and there is a better life. You just need to hold on long enough. A motto I live by, and I believe it is true, is 'the moment you give up, is when the next miracle is just around the corner'. I don't know you, and I want to help you. Never give up, and go stay with a friend, if you need to. He can not stop you, no matter what he says.
295 days ago
I took this test because my dad has been ruder than usual, yesterday, he threatened to not let me see my freind at all. I’m wanting to do self harm, my results were moderately abused, i have been trying to act nice, but my anger seems to come back, i’ve Been wanting to die, and i rarely talk to my parents now, i just don’t feel safe anymore, i feel like anything i do will lead to another fight, i need help, please.
319 days ago
mine isn't physical abuse.....yet. it's my mom, she screams at me, and has threatened to put me on the streets several times. In front of others she loves me, and gives me cuddles and kisses, but when we're alone she hates my guts. I think she's regretting adopting me, and sometimes it gets too close to being hit for my likings. She backs me into corners, and more than once, I've gotten burns because I was backed into a radiator. If I tell anyone, she says she'll reveal my secrets to EVERYONE she knows
334 days ago
I did this because of my brother , he is 6'1 and I'm 5'2 , I feel im powerless . A few days ago at school he hit me in the head so hard and smashed my head into a door. Ive been dizzy since . There was people around and yet no one noticed . He is serious with drugs and alcohol and when he's smocking weed hell threaten me and say that if I dont have some then hell slit my throat . I dont know what to do , these are the most recent but there's a million more things that have happened in the last week . I'm weak and so scared haven't slept in days . Never sleep . Never eat because I'm fat , always get reminded that . No one cares . My parents hate me and remind me that I'm a selfish brat that doesn't deserve to live . I dont eat sleep or leave my room . I'm very selfish totally . Everyone at school insults me . Might not be alive soon
337 days ago
I'm deeply sorry for all of you and would take your places so you could have a better life ❤️❤️❤️❤️
358 days ago
It cencored bi*ch and a$$hole btw, thets why there is heart emojis
358 days ago
I did this one because there were none for parents. Im a 13 year old girl and im afraid of my family. My parents have hit me on multipe occasions and scared my friends away, they have even killed my two bearded dragons and a bunny who i domesticated. Im scared of them, and they constantly yell at me for everything. They call me dumb, 💗, 💗, stupid, incompitent and lazy. Ive tried telling someone before and they called the cops, but it didnt work and it only got worse. They put so much pressure on me and yeall at me for hours if i do something slightly imperfect. I wish i was 18 already, i dont want to live with them, id rather be homeless.
366 days ago
John doe, when you go to court, PLEASE tell the judge that your father was abusive and that you were defending yourself. Know that NO NONE deserves to be treated like your father is treating you.
464 days ago
My father gets physical with me often. If there is an argument that doesn't lead to that, he's still screaming. He yells all the time at both me and my sisters, but he only ever hits me. I'm afraid of him, but I'm more afraid of what i might do to him. I don't have a phone, and the only reason i'm able to type this right now is because I told him i was writing a report. I'm not allowed to talk to my friends on anything except the house landline, and only for 30 minutes at a time, once a day. My mom used to try to stop him from trying to hurt me, but recently she's been keepings quiet. Last night was the worst it's ever gotten. My mother was talking to me about keepings my room clean, but it was midnight and i wanted to go to sleep. I asked her to leave me alone, and then went into their room to get my antidepressants. (they keep them locked up because they're afraid i might overdose) I turned to leave the room, but my dad stepped out of the attached bathroom and grabbed at me. i caught his arm and he told me to let go. I did. He started yelling at me because they had found one of the landlines in my room. I had taken it because my girlfriend, kara, has been going through some hard times and was cutting. so I wanted to make sure she could talk to me if she needed help. I had tried to explain this to him before, but he had insisted that I didn't need to do that for her, and that she could take care of herself. Anyway, I was trying not to get in a fight with him. so i went to leave the room, but he stepped in front of me. I told him to let me leave but he refused. I started yelling and then he grabbed me and threw me to the ground. We started wrestling on the ground and he started choking me. I grabbed a piece of wood that was on the ground and i hit him with it, and he let me go. at that point my mom called the cops on me, and i ran out of the house. I waited on our front steps for them to arrive. I'm already on probation, so most likely I'm going to go to jail once the report reaches the judge, but i expected to be taken in right then. the cops arrived and I told them what happened. It was difficult because my lip was swollen and i was crying, so i don't think they believed me. either way. my mother told them not to arrest me. at that point i was tempted to hit one of the cops, just so i could get away. I didn't because i had promised kara i wouldn't go to jail. they told me to head back inside and not make them have to come out there for the rest of the night. This is not the first time my dad and i have had a fight like this. it won't be the last either. I'm only writing this because kara told me to. I'm scared and i don't know what to do. I don't even know if what he does counts enough in a courtroom. He's making my life miserable. please help me.
584 days ago
I'm not gonna go too into it but my mom does drugs and drinks alcohol and we get in fights often. Even if it is about little stuff. She always blames me, even if I'm not there and it's stupid. I'm only 13 and this has been happening since June when school ended. My birthday is in late July so technically It has been happening since I was 12. My mom threatens me with killing herself or other people, she yells at me for no reason, she hits me if I annoy her too much to wake her up etc. She often blames her problems on me and tries to make me drink and do drugs, (Pot) but I always say no. The past few days I have been walking from the bus stop to my house, and that is 2 miles away. She knows the times I get out but she doesn't want to get up and get me from the bus. I honestly sound pathetic but I'm leaving a lot of details out. I have Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) and I have this huge patch on the back of my head and all this stress shes putting on me with watching my 7 year old brother and 19 month old sister and with school and social media is overwhelming and it's making it worse. I sound pity but there is much more i'm missing out. Sorry to waste your time...
602 days ago
Unknown please call 911 and seek help. I'm so sorry for what is happening to you and your children. I hope you get out of there and you and your kids have a better life. You deserve it. Stay strong xxxx You might not be religious but I belive God will always be there for you and you can pray to him for help at anytime it can be in your head it doesn't have to be out loud.
609 days ago
oh dear lord child, that is crazy and i understand cutting and starving yourself because you want to die but don't it will only make things worse. If you can call the police or someone you trust do it right away! For real no joke this is serious and if you can observe little things she does. Like drugs or alcohol your going to need more proof then marks and starvation. mainly because kids who get adopted have hard past so they might do it to them selves just because and they might take starvation as one clue but your going to need multiple clues. Now stay safe and know that your loved
614 days ago
Help my mum abuses me ever since she adopted me... she punches me and shoves me down the stairs and smashed my computer.she has tried to drown me and here are some things she says:
"If u don't fu*king 💗 I'll tie you to the toe all if my car and drag you along a rick covered road I I don't care if there is nothing left of u!"
I don't want to say anything else but u have been cutting my self and starving my self... HELP!!
614 days ago
Omg I am so sorry... I am too gobsmacked to say anything
614 days ago
i have ben in a relationship but not like you would think he lowered my self confidence then got us gf and bf then he was very sexual like every part he made me have💗and once i found out i was pregnant he whipped me and gave me black eyes and blocked out all contact with family it's not fun not to mention i actually had to give birth to a baby who would live in a home with a man throwing wine bottles at me and abusing me locking me in rooms and making me have💗without me saying i wanted too. now that there was a baby in the house it was hard then one day he threw 20 glass bottles at that baby and it died. RIP i loved you Timothy :( luckily i am in a better relationship and more careful of trusting others now. save all who are in sexual mental or physical relationships...... it's not fun