What type of a dancer are you?

Developed by: Broadway Dancer

Are you a graceful ballerina, fun/outgoing hip hop dancer, or a jazz/tap cute dancer? Take this quiz to find out

  • 1
    What type of dance do you like?
  • 2
    Where would be your favorite place to dance?
  • 3
    You wear your hair mostly
  • 4
    What color is your hair?
  • 5
    During your free time you
  • 6
    How long have you danced?
  • 7
    A guy has just asked you to the prom. You...
  • 8
    You have tempted to dance...
  • 9
    You get a phone call saying Broadway wants you, you say
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (4)


Skye (39012)
37 days ago
this is so incorrect its funny....
Emma c intogan (62799)
44 days ago
that is not the type of dance i do dance
Emma c intogan (62799)
44 days ago
that is not what i am
ari (57417)
152 days ago
how do you pick a wrong answer for your hair color