Are You Crazy?

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Well, Well, Well... Let's See If You're Totally Insane, Or Are You Actually NORMAL? Or Maybe You're Something In Between.

  • 1
    Okay, First Question... What Color Do You Like Best Out Of These? (If Your Favourite Color Isn't Here Just Pick The Closest)
  • 2
    What Is Your Favourite Animal?
  • 3
    If You Could Have Any Hair Color, What Color Would You Have?

  • 4
    Do You Have Any Obsessions?
  • 5
    If So, What Do You Have An Obsession With?
  • 6
    If You Could Have Any Super Power, What Would You Have?

  • 7
    Do You Ever Laugh Really Hard For No Reason?
  • 8
    What Kind Of Soda Is Your Favourite?
  • 9
    Sharpie Mini.
  • 10
    Finally Last Question.

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