What Does He Think Of Me?

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Come on, we're all crushing on someone sometimes, and we all want to know if they like us, too! This quick quiz aims to give you a basic idea of what's on his (or her) mind. Take it now!

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    What do you two talk about?

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4 days ago
💗 it. Hormone raging sucks. just get me out of this phase, I think about him every sngle say but he definitely doesn't . definitely. I will give up trying
4 days ago
💗 my life right now :) can't get any better can it? welp im doomed
4 days ago
Well i'm gonna ignore him, if I can lol someone distract meeee ahh from next year, it may be hard but it's not worth chasing. He will only stare at me sometimes, but only for looks I can tell. His a jerk but he's so attractive I can't!! Im gonna win this game by ignoring him :/ he ignores me sometimes
4 days ago
💗 man! I really thought it was something but its nothing! only 4 more years of school and his gonna exit outta my life! Hello darkness my old friend. I get people together, but no one wants this girl boo, someone get this girl a guy who likes her ;)
7 days ago
k so this guy legit won't stop staring at me from behind cuz he sits behind me in band class and i think he really cute but at the same time its weird idk. I've heard my name in his conversations w friends and they some times tease him. He always standing right in front of my locker in the mornings and idek its weird, we talk sometimes and he blushes its cute djdjdjdj but im shy and idk if I like him tbh but ye ahhdjdjsjjsjghj I'm a mess :/
7 days ago
Oh dear. Welp, I’m doomed. Great quiz though, and thank you! 😀
Keep up the great work! 😁
9 days ago
So this is a thing he does every day-stare, touch, flirt, compliment, tries to impress me, smiles, blushes, jokes around, laughs, and he can't stop touching me, it's like he is daydreaming of me and smiles a LOT. Always start the convo, stares at my eyes, his pupils always grow bigger when he looks at me and trying to make me laugh and finding excuses to touch me while he can call me by my name. We always sit beside together, he is with me all the freaking time, he took pics of me, we r really close and he touched me like a thousand times every day and we r kinda dating i guess. So do u guys thin k he likes me?
19 days ago
i have a huge crush on this guy at school... he may like me back im not sure... about 1 week ago my bestfriend revealed she had a crush on the same guy (if you want me to be honest i think he likes her too which hurts but-) she suddenly started being a really rude person thinking she owned everything and everybody... everytime i try to talk to my crush she come up to him grabs his hand pulls him away and starts talking to him, i always try to talk to him because i cant stop thinking about him! but now im sure he likes her and not me... the next week she was absent and me and him talked more! when she came back monday she was furious that me and him were talking and everytime she tried to drag him he got mad! i thought wow progress he might acctually like me!! then she confessed and he confessed that he didnt like her back but wouldnt mind trying dating her out. so theyve been dating for 2 months now and she still thinks she owns everthing. but they are now ina happy realationship and he hates me! the end
28 days ago
Scroll down to see what cat said. I totally am in the same situation
28 days ago
Scroll down to see what cat said. I totally am in the same situation
35 days ago
Sorry to say this, but it's not looking great for you at this point in time. He/she might like you as a friend, but not as more than that. Don't burn any bridges, and keep yourself open to the other possibilities that are sure to come along.
37 days ago
Jains Hall same.He keeps asking me to tell him my crush and am gonna give him an easy hint and walk away with my friend, he keeps on looking at me and when I look at him he looks down and smiles it's really weird, I don't know if he does like me or if he doesn't not.
41 days ago
Oh well. I really don't even want to date him I just want him to like me. Is that crazy?
70 days ago
73 days ago
Am very pleased to now more information
74 days ago
So i like this guy at my school and its really confusing me. He looks at me a lot and smiles at me from a distance and he always is trying to act cool whenever im around. I dont talk to him cause we aren't in the same class but we say hi and basic stuff. I always see him talking to his friends or other girls (who are all really tall and he has to look up to them). He is the boy that most people like and i can see that. I dont really know if i like him, i mean i have a small crush but not a huge one. Help me out??
78 days ago
Hey frnds I think that I am in love we used to study in the same school and same van but he is a year older than me actually he is my neighbour . As we have just met a year ago he likes n I just used to ignore but I use to notice he always takes excuse to talk to me . And offering me chocolates . Ice creams I don t use to take but my frnd 💗ed it after few months I to likes him and he have a sister 3 years small than him and she uses to get irritated when his brother talks to me and once she just said rubbish things to her frnds and I was really upset . So ofcourse her brother scolded him and I was felling that I meant to him a lot and finally after 6 months of likeness we are playing truth n dare .so first said him I lov u and he was just blushing and said thnx in our van so later after 5 mins he finally said me I love u and I turned . Then we use just talk about some things and he gave me so many nicknames like chinichor. Bagan . Sundari. Dilbar . Baby and more so at breaks of our school we just love to see each other and once he asked my phone number and I gave so we use to text and 2 mins talk at call . Now we use to talk 51 mins and he gave me 2 love letters which I used to read 20 times a day once we and some more frnds are playing so I was the thief in game pakdam pakrai so he runned and I after I him and a street where there was no one I catched him and stands before him and he just camed and hugged me it was aa lovely time then he just hold me for 2 mins and we then gone home all day half time we are together and often he is a good bicycle rider and I was sitting at back he just ride so fast and told me to hold him I little bit holded him and we are in a pleasant movement
79 days ago
We train jiu jitsu together and has complimented me on it. He says hi and pats me like good job after a sparring session or after a role. Idk if he's being friendly cuz we don't talk often. I'm also 15 and he's a little older so I think he sees me as a little sis cuz the guys he hangs out with at the gym are like 17 or older. So friend, lil sis, or crush which one do guys think.
136 days ago
if there say call u names as a joke do they still like u
137 days ago
Oh I need someone advice before August fourth.