Does he want to be more than friends?

Developed by: Toni Calvin-Fritz

This is a quiz designed to tell if your classmate or co-worker wants to be more than friends with you.

  • 1
    During the day at school/work, he walks past you and
  • 2
    You don't have a ride to school/work and your guy friend lives out of town and doesn't even drive on your side of town on his way to school/work. Would he
  • 3
    You went shopping and spent all of your lunch money. Your guy friend is going to lunch at a local fast food restaurant and he knows you don't have the cash to go. Would he?
  • 4
    You casually, half joking and totally serious, bring up if the two of you were to date, his mother would not like it (for some reason or another - just to get his reaction). He says to you
  • 5
    It's raining out side and you parked in the back of the parking lot, but your guy friend parked right by the doors. When you mention that you had to park far out, he
  • 6
    When the two of you are alone together talking he
  • 7
    When he talks to you about his family, he
  • 8
    You are walking behind him on your way into the school/office, when he approaches the door, he
  • 9
    What do you know about his finances?
  • 10
    One morning he picks you up for school/work. When you get in the car he

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What? (55286)
208 days ago
Scarily inaccurate! It also doesn't apply to anyone. What was the creator thinking?