The quiz statistic

Are you from another planet?

36.53 % of users had this result: "You appear to be a Aquatanian. You came from the planet Aquatan. Don't worry, your people are friendly, I hope you are too. You are free to go."

9.99 % of users had this result: *Gasps* "You are a Fireanian! Your people are hostile to our world! Guards, guards! Take him away!" *Gets punched in the face by you*

6.52 % of users had this result: "Hmmm, you are a... don't know. We don't have your species in our database. I thought so, all that yellow was crazy. You're either obsessed with yellow, or from a yellow planet. Guards, put this one away for now."

10.96 % of users had this result: "Ahhh, you're one of the Flanians. I knew it! Your people live a life of extremes, you either love it or hate it. There is no in between in your culture. Your people are friendly, you may go."

36 % of users had this result: "You're a human! A boring old human. Obviously you're friendly to earth. You can leave now."