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Are You Really In Love With This Boy?

56.11 % of users had this result: Girl you are so in love with this boy I wouldn't be surprised if one day you just turned to Jell-O because you love him so much! There is nothing you wouldn't do to have this boy! You are definitely desperate!

4.13 % of users had this result: Are you sure you haven't confused the words "crush" and "Hate" because it looks like you have. This boy couldn't mean much more to you then a piece of paper. Drop "Enemy #1" and find yourself someone you DO like! And hurry!

39.76 % of users had this result: Yes you like this boy maybe just as a friend. Perhaps you don't know him all that well and it leaves a lot to question about him or maybe you just want him to be around like, a friend. Either way see if the more you see of him the more you fall in or out of love with him!