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The Perfect Life

36.14 % of users had this result: Green- You are an honest person who cares about the environment and animals. You love everything. You'll get old with a guy that you have known and you just took the plunge. You'll grow up with 4-5 children in a green state like Washington, Colorado and others.

16.18 % of users had this result: Yellow- You are a fun person. Everybody loves being around you. That is why you will have a job that will involve people. You are a soft sweet person. But don't get you started. You will grow up with a dude in a sunny state like California or Florida and watch out because a lot of kids are on the way.

8.85 % of users had this result: Red- You are a fiery person. You light up the show. Sort of a centre of attention person. You find a guy who will love you forever but you might stray a few times. You'll live in a hot area like Mexico or Texas and have a few kids. Hey maybe you'll even find a cute Mexican dancer. Remember what happens in Mexico, Stays in Mexico.

25.47 % of users had this result: Blue- You love the water. Everything about water fascinates you. Your guy will care about you and your adventures. Maybe you'll find a guy with dreamy blue eyes, then you'll really like him. The guy you marry you will have dated forever. It was a match made in heaven. You'll probably be a swim instructor on an island in Hawaii with 1-2 kids. So, Aloha!

13.36 % of users had this result: Pink- You are a busy person. Sometimes your head just isn't straight. That is why your guy is there to love you and care for you. You are a romantic. No love, no match that is why lips fascinate you. You love busy, so TV should be perfect so watch out Ryan Secrets this girl might be the new host of American Idol. You will be married with 6-8 kids. But are some of them his? Who knows? Sounds like a job for Oprah. So your life isn't perfect but it is in Washington D.C or New York. Someplace busy like you.