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Which celebrity are you most like?

19.61 % of users had this result: That's HOT! You are big time party girl Paris Hilton! You always have to be centre of attention and to be on top of everything! You are very popular and a major flirt! Go Paris!

12.19 % of users had this result: You are hot shot Lindsay Lohan! You love to party and can get really wild! You have a gentler side, but to the paparazzi, you are a party queen!

45.23 % of users had this result: Watch out Tom Cruise, there is another Katie Holmes in town! You are one of a kind sweetie! You are mommy material and you have a good heart!

22.96 % of users had this result: You are the one and only Demi Moore! You are more mommy type! You have fun, but are mostly chilling with your kids and friends! You are on the down low.