Which Female Magical Knight Are You?

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the 5 female characters - Victoria, Winnie, Alice, Erika and Jennifer, which one are you most like? (girls only but boys can try if they want to...)

  • 1
    The Sun was shining brightly in the 12 o'clock sky. You woke up and rubbed you eyes, thinking about how you love Saturdays. Then you remembered something and froze. What was that something?
  • 2
    You jumped out of bed to do the thing you needed to do. Then, you heard a sound in the creepy store room near the Hall. What is your first thought?
  • 3
    You went in to see who/what it was. Then you saw 2 red and evil eyes staring at you. What do you do next?
  • 4
    It was a monster. You transform and started to fight it but there was not enough space in the store room for you to have a battle. You decided to lure the enemy out of the store room and fight it outside when you remembered that your family members are still at home and you were afraid that they will see you. What do you do?
  • 5
    You managed to lure the enemy out of the house with nobody seeing you. Then you fight the enemy but none of your attacks works on him. What will you do?
  • 6
    Your friends came to help you and all of you managed to win. However, when the enemy faded away, there was no flame. What is your first thought?
  • 7
    Flappie came and told you that the monster was a fake.
  • 8
    Flappie started to tell you about the monster when you remembered the thing you were suppose to do. You ask Flappie for the time and Flappie said that it was 1pm.
  • 9
    Then, suddenly, you fell down from your bed and found out that it was a dream.
  • 10
    The next morning when you woke up, your dream became real. Every single detail in your dream happened.
  • 11
    You started to forget everything in that dream of yours.
  • 12
    As a matter of fact, you were losing your memory. All of it!
  • 13
    To be continued...
  • 14
    What Element do you want?
  • 15
    What magical colour do you want?
  • 16
    Where do you want to live in?

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