What picture suits you? The What would you do Quiz?

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What would you do in these scenarios? Answer the questions and we'll give you a picture that suits you!

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    You don't know where you are, but you're in a small unknown town. You just got out of a bus and you have 5 brochures in your hand.

    One is for the town zoo.

    One is for the town spa.

    One is for a concert in town.

    One is for a book store.

    And the last one is for the town beach.

    Where would you go to?

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Lacie (31864)
3 days ago
No Picture! Don't waste your time!
Abby (53266)
49 days ago
Guys, guys come here, listen. It’s obviously not going to be an actual picture. It’s a picture of your personality. Okay, okay. It’s okay. Shhhhh, there, there. Don’t get angry. It’s not a scam. Okay, now you can go back to your normal lives, thank you for listening to my TED talk
JESSIE (15795)
73 days ago
Ohhh okay, so I feel like an 💗 I was thinking a literal picture but it’s More like an overview of your personality. lol sorry
JESSIE (15795)
73 days ago
It’s a scam there’s no picture at the end :( don’t waste your time....
the mega gay (70290)
106 days ago
Didnt get a picture dude
ur mom (27541)
207 days ago
bruh, its a picture, like personality, 💗
Mia (94072)
238 days ago
Scam!!I didn't get a pic(eblue))
leah (14177)
239 days ago
im really upset and angry that i did not get a picture. i was hopings and wondering to soo what picture they thought i would be. too bad that i will never find out. o whale
allison (09425)
300 days ago
not what i was expecting but pretty accurate if i do say so myself
Blaire (22461)
303 days ago
Doesn't show a pic. It's boring and a scam. DO NOT USE IT!
Zak (62826)
323 days ago
this is a big scam and boring do not use it.
Jen (02253)
336 days ago
So annoyed no pic I was excited
lenna (03035)
400 days ago
wth this was supposed to give me a wallpaper idea or a picture not a personality that isn’t even close to mine
Alex (68248)
400 days ago
It says what picture suits you, i received no picture
ev (65488)
496 days ago
Try to say darker colors. Preferably dark green
Zuwena H (71807)
511 days ago
I LOVED your quiz. Thank you.