Do I Really Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)

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I know you LIKE that special someone, and that you can't stop thinking about him...but are you actually in LOVE with this guy? Is he *gasps* your SOULMATE? Or is he just another dead end? Find out now by taking this quiz made especially for the desperate-to-know!

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    How long have you liked him?

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17 days ago
Great quiz! But I think instead of all of the "he/him's" it should say "they/them" so people can picture their crush of any gender.
Cus I'm a girl and I ain't really into guys...
56 days ago
I have a crush on this dude not bc he's like KYUTEEEE but like...I'm attracted to like those type of people who is funny and always makes the class laugh I think you get the point. Don't get me wrong, he is cute but more on the funny and interesting type I would say. We go to the same tuition and the same school but our school are divided into two parts. The Nationals and the Internationals. So we started talking at tuition then we started meeting each other after school. I banged out with his friends and he got to know some of mine. His class started shipping me and him which made not sure but on a Sinday, his friend texted me and told me he liked me. He told a few people but he never told me so long was like O-O. Didn't know if it was real or not. More stuff happened. Nothing important. Until I managed to gain the courage and text him saying 'look, **his friend** told me your crush. Is it me?'. He ignored my text (I knew as he was there when I texted him that) and pretended like nothing had happened. More stuff happens (we played) and when his friends go home, we have a convo and he confesses to me. So we're together now, my mom found out after looking through my gallery.(I NEED PRIVACY) (it was just pics of him sending selfies to me lmao-) **A WINK INCLUDED** She isn't too happy about that so...yeah. Its quarantine now, I can't meet him. I do not know what happened to his phone bc he isn't replying to my texts(it isn't sending) and from what I can tell, I think his phone is broken. He's a really great guy and all but I can't tell if I'm actually in love with him or it's just a crush. Normally when l see someones face, im like 'oh he's cute' or 'nahhh' but when I look at's just 'IDK IF UR CUTE IR SJJDKWJD'. I brain just. So I'm confused on whether I love him or not. When l look/think about brain just can't decide on whether he's cute/ he's my type/ do I wanna spend my life with him... It just stops functioning kinda.
57 days ago
OK, so I have this crush...I KNOW I LOVE HIM!!!! Ready for the whole story? Ok so its the First day of school, my friend who switched schools and is finally back!!!! We got to sit next to each other in Math Class, there were to boys next to us I sat next to my crush and his best friend sat next to him. They were both knew to our school. At the end of the day I started having this crush on is bff, then I realized that he was a jerk the next day. Again we got to sit ext to each other and I found myself staring into his gorgeous eyes. A few days later we had free time in P.E he was playing soccer, me and my friends hungout where he was I was talkigng to him and my friend got all mad and we got in a fight. Then I went over to the rocks (by myself) I was jumping on the rocks and he came over starting playing with me. Then he tricked me and made me fall off the rock, I got mad and kicked him in the leg from that day we became good friends. We had the same shedule and everything! So then in Language Arts I became good friends who soon becomes my BFF. I went over to where my crush was and he picked out this book about Music cause we are both really into music, musical theather and stuff and he was like I can't read these and I was like let me see and we stared into each others eyes and I was like ya I could'nt read that either and we both started laughing. Later in 5th period I was struggling to understand the assignment and I was all like what do we do. He sat a few desks behind me but heard me and said I can help you. We ended up doing the thing together. Then the next day my friend started interacting into our conversations they were joking about How crazy and spinateuous i am they were all like is she High on Caffene or something?!?! Then we started talking about starnger things, survior and stuff. Then in Language Arts me and my friend were talking to much and I got moved next to my crush. WE didn't really talk then because I just had made an enemy who I HATE SOOO MUCH!!!!! So then we got new assgined seating, I sat next to him again and we always talked we had the best conevrsations I told him everything, he knows all my secrets execpt that I like him. I was telling him about how I was auditioning for the talent show and how I am sooo nervous. Then he's like I should audition to. WE both auditiond we both got in. The night of the Talent Show was amazing. We both did great but I was distracted by him and some other people so I my facial expressions were bad. I had a sleepover with my 2 BFFs and it was insane. So me: OK guys I like (my crush) BestFriend: Wait, what I like him to!!!! and it was like that but then I said I was pranking her because I was emabaressed and stuff. So ya. The we got nw shedules for some reason and I was upset about it cause I had no classes with him and I had a bad teacher. I made a petion and he signed it!!!!!!!!! The my arents got call that I got my sheule back so I only have 2 classes with him now. Oh I forgot to say about the locker thing. So I told him that the locker was saved for my friend which was next to mine so he took it anyway and stuff. So me and my mom went to my locker after school cause I have a weird lock and i couldnt open it so my mom did it for me. and i was playing with his lock. and I dont know how but i unlocked it. I went up to him the next day and I tried to apologize but he got super mad (he wouldn thave gottten super mad if he didnt have to cange to have more than one friend) So I complanined to the teacher and we had to talk it out. So now we have a weird realtionship butI know I love him. We were made for each other is what people tell me there is much more to our story but I need to stop here cause it will take me a few hours to finislmao.
84 days ago
My best friend. No. Not again. Like, why.💗 it. I fell in love with my. Best. Friend.
123 days ago
i've liked the same guy for around 7 years but never got the courage to tell him ... and just a wild guess i dont think i need to take a quiz to realise that i love him and its not longer a crush ... but i dont think i'll ever be able to say anything because we are very close friends and i dont wanna spoil that between us .. we've never been awkard when everyone , literally everyone inculding my parents tease in public places even ... to say it just bought us closer is an understatement ... but then i changes schools and he changed ... he dated a girl he once said he detested and now its like we dont even talk that much... and however cliche this sounds ... but now im the girl next door who i dont think will ever again be considered more than a friend ....😔
141 days ago
I'm in love. I like him so much. I've liked him for around 4 months and after that it's "not longer a crush." So, I decided to check and ig I'm in love. I can't stop thinking about him. I always hope that hell come up to me and say he likes me. But that hope gets crushed everytime I hear that he likes someone else. Rn he likes one of my best friends. And even though it breaks my heart to think picture them together, if he'said happy with her then I'm happy. I can overcome the pain if she makes him happy. He doesn't know I have feelings for him. I'm a guy friend to him. He doesn't know that no matter how many times he pushes me away, I'll always be here if he needs me.
150 days ago
I have a regular old crush that eventually becomes love. I do have a old crush but my crush is complicated at the same time.
196 days ago
I love my boyfriend he is sweet
216 days ago
He's really cute and I love his personality all tbh e girls like him but guess what he likes... ME
229 days ago
It’s just a crush? Welp, I guess it’s time to break up lmaojk
231 days ago
I n my boy are in relation for about 3 years he is 3 years older that me m in class 10th n he has passed his 12th this year we were not in the same school but in the same apartment n now due to some reason he is leaving the building n going to live at another place in the same town I can't understand how I'll manage without him without seeing him.... Seeing him everyday n meeting atleast twice in a weak is a habit for me now n now we will be no more together I can't understand how will i manage without him😔😔.....
253 days ago
my boyfriend is transgender he sweet guy i loves him os much he also my best friend .
271 days ago
Nice .... good but you need some improvement not that helpful
283 days ago
I asked google why I found it hard to breath around one guy it told me I was gonna die
307 days ago
We have been dating for 8 months it’s long distance and we haven’t seen eachother in 3 months is confusing and idk where my head is at but it says I love him which I do but idk ughhhh 😓
314 days ago
i am split up with him in my new class
314 days ago
i am in love with my boyfriend charlie he always says i love you and sends me cards
315 days ago
I have been good friends with a boy for almost a year. It was very clear that he liked me and I didn't mind but I thought I didn't like him back. So here we were with him in the friend zone and me just smiling. All my friends insisted that I should date him, but I would just smile awkwardly and decline. Towards the end of the school year we got really close and my personality started to change, I got way more close to him and distant from my friends; still they thought I liked him. I didn't know how right they were. In the last 2 weeks of school I was sick for a few days and when I came back I was in a terrible mood. I was only nice to my best girlfriend and really mean to him and everyone else. He started to ignore me and now I find myself wondering what to do. I like him and it's eating me up every day. I never did get him number because when he would ask I would always say no. Now he's going to high school and I'm going to 8th and we'll probably never see each other again.
327 days ago
We’re doing a long distance relationship and we’ve been dating for a super short period of time. We’ve never even met in person but he told me he loves me and I want to say it back but I want to wait longer just to be sure because it’s really huge. I just don’t think what he feels is love it’s just the honeymoon phase
338 days ago
This quiz showed that I'm in love with him and I want to marry him💘
I knew it already but this quiz made my happiness still more
Thanks for the quiz....