Do I Really Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)

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I know you LIKE that special someone...but are you actually in love? Or is he your soulmate? Or is he a dead end? Find out by taking this quiz made just for the desperate!

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    How long have you liked him?

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Your Mum (92050)
Idk what to say I mean I think I like him but idc his not going to my high school anyway soooo...
Miss confused (81783)
2 days ago
My result says go for can I go for it when I am so afraid to.Ahhhhh........
God help me
💕 (83848)
3 days ago
It saids that “YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH HIM!”
And i freaking love him so much, my crush confessed to me that he likes me a lot the other day and I am so happy. I talk to him everyday and he said that he started liking me as soon as he met me, at the same time that i fell in love with him. I never believe those love at first sight things, but now I’m so happy and I believe in it because it happened to me. Now i’m his girlfriend and we’re together!!!
Snake girl (61755)
17 days ago
It says I’m in love with him...but it also says I’m not shy...I’m very shy...the only time I get close to him is when I have to or when my few friends go near him.
Who Dis (89262)
18 days ago
Not a regular old crush! IT'S LOVE
Emily (39370)
20 days ago
“Mekeo” (34814)
22 days ago
hars💗a (32193)
23 days ago
Result was best.......nd i knw he is perfect but i was not sure about my feelings before the quiz.....but now thanks for telling me about my love
Lauren (17288)
32 days ago
Ahhh.... I'll never stop loving him... Even though that girl always ruins my plans of getting his heart.>:-( Also that boy who told him... But he said he likes me too... (Probably just as a friend)
Tanu (79414)
43 days ago
Oh this is so wrong...
Ella French Frye (67445)
43 days ago
I love this boy with all my heart at first I kept it a huge secret we are best friends and I never wanted him to know but I thought he did because he would always catch me staring at him so I told my BFF and then she made me tell him and I was soooooooo nervous but he already knew and little do I know a month later I’ve fallen deeper and deeper in love with him and then he tells me in a little game of truth or dare with me he said that he loved me too!!! I was so happy every minute I spent with him I loved but now he knew and felt the same way and did the same thing. But a month and a day later he broke up with me it was a pretty cruddy way to find out. My BFF told me that she found out from his brother that he didn’t love me anymore so I asked him and he said no. I spent the rest of the day crying nonstop. But then a week later he was saying things like “I still love you” and things like “I want you back I miss you so much” but I knew it wasn’t real what he was saying and then two months later.....HE GOT TOGTHER WITH MY BFF!!!! I was mad and sad all at the same time it felt like my heart was being ripped out and then I literally cried two days straight. I still love him though and I don’t know what to do. Since that happened four months ago I’ve cried myself to sleep every night and now I can’t cry anymore. If the boy I love is reading this you know who you are B.B. and I hope you do read this to know how I feel and for people out there reading this I want you to know that love is unexplainable and love is wonderful and awful all at the same time love is truly a mystery.

- Ella F.
Yuno (31457)
50 days ago
I'm dating this guy who I've been seeing for about two months now. Every time I see him I just can't stop smiling, and I love to stare at him. I keep feeling more and more every time I see him that I just want to tell him I love him, but the problem is that I don't know what love is. I thought I liked him a lot a month ago, but I like him even more now. Will my feelings change again in the future? Is what I'm feeling really love, or am I just too inexperienced to know what love is? I'm fairly sure that I do love him, I'm just trying to work up the courage to tell him. He would never reject me or get scared off by me saying it, but saying it is pretty final and I can't tell if we're ready for that yet.
Shay (39392)
55 days ago
I liked this quiz, and honestly i think i do love him.
Nicki (11630)
72 days ago
Agagagavavagaavavvava YWSHHH
Sempia (02361)
74 days ago
Julia (16910)
76 days ago
Was gonna take this quiz about a girl, but it assumed I was straight.
Ishika (73192)
79 days ago
Hey.... This quiz got me more confused.... I know it is love.. Cause I proposed him, he rejected..... Avoided me ignored me....used abusive language for me... To others... But still i love him... And it is a 100%true love.. Though it is not the age... But ... I hope i will be over with him in the passing time... The problem is i don't want to see him but i have to see him we r in the same classes.. 😣😥😫😭😭😢😧
doofus (52659)
83 days ago
Once when I thought of him and the situation that were in I got a little upset but then I just imagined him in my head and I got BUTTERFLIES in my stomach!! It never happens ever! although I really like him. I remember the day I started liking him it was when we were playing truth or dare with friends and I wasn’t dared to hold the person who’s across from me’s hand and....... you guessed it. It was him! And we couldn’t stop until my turn came and it never did! We were playing on a bus from a field trip and so we kept holding hands untill we had to go to class. I was just glad we had different classes. It wasn’t untill after school I started talking to my BFF about how she felt about him. She got suspicious about it and asked if I liked him and I said no cuz I didn’t think I did. But I went on and said you know I like *the guys hand was holdings name*. And I didn’t even notice that I said his name untill she told me I did (Note that I had a crush before). Then I started thinking about what I said and him...... A LOT! And I started to develop feelings and now I’m not sure if it’s just a crush or if I actually love him. This quiz just got me even more confused. Someone please help me!!
sexcgally (85951)
94 days ago
lol my guys dog :)
angelllgirlyyxox (85951)
94 days ago
- julianna
look yh i been thro all this next level heartbreak thing but even if yu dont wanna believe me idc this is the truth he likes you. trust me at the start of the time that i liked my crush he didnt like me or i thought so... we both liked each other and we didnt know and now aat the time when i found out he likes me i got soooo gassed i larvvv himm sooo much idc what other ppl say bcccc hesss mineee. however everyones saying hes got like 10 sidechicks and my bestfriends saying well at least ur the main chick loloooooollll! anyways u gotta wait for abit and take time bc u cant always get everything and im sure youll get him just waaihh babe x