How Much Do You Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)

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I know you LIKE that special someone... but are you actually in love? Or is that guy your soul mate? Or is he a dead end? Find out in this quiz made just for the desperate!

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    How long have you liked him?

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Nicki (11630)
9 days ago
Agagagavavagaavavvava YWSHHH
Sempia (02361)
12 days ago
Julia (16910)
14 days ago
Was gonna take this quiz about a girl, but it assumed I was straight.
Ishika (73192)
16 days ago
Hey.... This quiz got me more confused.... I know it is love.. Cause I proposed him, he rejected..... Avoided me ignored me....used abusive language for me... To others... But still i love him... And it is a 100%true love.. Though it is not the age... But ... I hope i will be over with him in the passing time... The problem is i don't want to see him but i have to see him we r in the same classes.. 😣😥😫😭😭😢😧
doofus (52659)
21 days ago
Once when I thought of him and the situation that were in I got a little upset but then I just imagined him in my head and I got BUTTERFLIES in my stomach!! It never happens ever! although I really like him. I remember the day I started liking him it was when we were playing truth or dare with friends and I wasn’t dared to hold the person who’s across from me’s hand and....... you guessed it. It was him! And we couldn’t stop until my turn came and it never did! We were playing on a bus from a field trip and so we kept holding hands untill we had to go to class. I was just glad we had different classes. It wasn’t untill after school I started talking to my BFF about how she felt about him. She got suspicious about it and asked if I liked him and I said no cuz I didn’t think I did. But I went on and said you know I like *the guys hand was holdings name*. And I didn’t even notice that I said his name untill she told me I did (Note that I had a crush before). Then I started thinking about what I said and him...... A LOT! And I started to develop feelings and now I’m not sure if it’s just a crush or if I actually love him. This quiz just got me even more confused. Someone please help me!!
sexcgally (85951)
31 days ago
lol my guys dog :)
angelllgirlyyxox (85951)
31 days ago
- julianna
look yh i been thro all this next level heartbreak 💗 but even if yu dont wanna believe me idc this is the truth he likes you. trust me at the start of the time that i liked my crush he didnt like me or i thought so... we both liked each other and we didnt know and now aat the time when i found out he likes me i got soooo gassed i larvvv himm sooo much idc what other ppl say bcccc hesss mineee. however everyones saying hes got like 10 sidechicks and my bestfriends saying well at least ur the main chick loloooooollll! anyways u gotta wait for abit and take time bc u cant always get everything and im sure youll get him just waaihh babe x
angelllgirlyyxox (85951)
31 days ago
~ Sfynx
we're still going out babe and fyi no one asked u fo yo info b
Kaylee Garnett (08092)
34 days ago
((purple)I love this guy sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Julianna (84179)
37 days ago
I know this really amazing guy. He makes me so happy and makes me laugh super hard. The notices the little things and remembers so much of what I tell him. He can be super nice sometimes but sometimes he ignores me. I have taken so many test but they don’t say everything I need to put in. I don’t have his number or anything so we don’t text and he isn’t allowed to have social media so if really sucks that we can only talk at school. He isn’t attractive but I honestly don’t care. He is the smartest person I have ever met, he is so funny, he makes my life so much better, he is so sweet, and he has these deep black eyes that pierce my soul. The only problem is that everyone says he likes this other girl in my class. They are always flirting and talking to each other and it doesn’t bother me when it happens only when people talk about it. But I need to know if he likes me bc I feel like I’m falling for him... no I have fallen for him and I feel like he doesn’t feel the same way so I need some help. Email me at
Sfynx (35943)
43 days ago

He's going to break up with you soon
mahi (17158)
44 days ago
my love is sagar oooo
mahi (17158)
44 days ago
good he also love me
mahi (17158)
44 days ago
good but his also love me
nikki (84851)
47 days ago
omg this test wasn`t that goog
Lexi (01899)
47 days ago
Oh no,I did this test about my boyfriend and the test wasn’t that good but I will always love him 😍
Nadia (39194)
47 days ago
I've been head over heels for this guy named Grayson and I've known him for oved a year now. All I can say is that I LOVE HIM.
milki (43883)
48 days ago
i love u gowtham thats all i love u gowtham thats all i love u gowtham thats all
Lover girl (48499)
49 days ago
I like this guy I’m in high school we’ve known each other since the start on high school we would flirt a lot he would hold my hand and I wouldn’t know what it meant he said we where friends but months passed and he started hugging me telling everyone I was his gf getting to the point that his dad knows who I am btw never met his dad he knows my family I know his I guess I just don’t know where we stand because he doesn’t act like that with other girls but I get jelous when u talks to other girls but he’s not mine and people would say he likes u but he still calls me his best friend or most days girlfriend
Someone (41214)
51 days ago
I met my crush in my last year of college i got interested when he said that he was intriged in what i do i loved him because he's witty and funny and i can see myself in him we became friends and we would sometimes sit next to each other in class i even saw him staring at me one day we held hands when we were playing games but everything changed when i knew that my best friend loved him too now in my first year of high school a distance grew between us he kind of said stuff that hurted me and he acted in ways that made me change my mind about my feelings and now i bareĺly talk to him but i still love him i tried to forget but i couldn't please could u help me i don't know what to do anymore (ps: i'm a gemini and he's an aquarius if that helps)