How Much Do You Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)

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I know you LIKE that special someone... but are you actually in love? Or is that guy your soul mate? Or is he a dead end? Find out in this quiz made just for the desperate!

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    How long have you liked him?

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Hug Puppy (50554)
14 days ago
Every time I see him, I want to kiss him. I would actually hug him every time I see him, but I know he probably wouldnt like it. He has brown eyes, but theyre dark and rich and perfect. He smiles all the time, and he manages to be cool and nice and funny. Hes a bad boy, but hes incredibly polite.
Haley (90604)
22 days ago
Litterally, I'm head over heels for this guy and the test just says live?!?! He asked me out 6 days ago but we haven't done anything yet
Caitlin (76591)
26 days ago
Ana (53433)
26 days ago
If the feeling is mutual, i already have him, and please give more options for 8th question(about breakup), cause my answer was the closest available option( we wont break if we did its gona be him n bla bla) in reality it could be we wont but if happened its gona be me cause of bla bla).
Princess Aradesca (00416)
28 days ago
I love how it says that if he's available I should see if the feelings mutual. The guy I was thinking about is my fiancé I already got him
I LOVE HIM (65475)
35 days ago
Your name (62603)
44 days ago
Ya, heres 1 thats killing me
Destiny (74853)
45 days ago
I like him but he is kind of a mean person. I like him because he's cute
Sss (78296)
45 days ago
See why am I doing this? I know I Love him simply because he my Boyfriend
CC (84784)
53 days ago
Ok I don't even know why I'm taking all these relationship quizzes when I KNOW he only likes me as a friend and I obviously love him. And nearly all of his friends are girls, so I get so freaking jealous whenever they come talk to him.

Sorry for venting :((((
pooja (32957)
56 days ago
I love him so much
I miss him every time and I just love him
N.M.K (07518)
62 days ago
my result was "just a regular old crush". But why am i not satisfied with this answer? He's not the best looking, and sometimes i question why i'm into him. Despite this, i can't seem to accept this result. I've already told him that i like him but i'm still not satisfied. I want to use a stronger's been a year and i've hugged him so many times.I still want to hug him again. i just want to wake up every morning to see him. i think i'm rambling too muchh oh goddd whoops
Ashley (72171)
64 days ago
he's perfect for meeee!
Ashley (72171)
64 days ago
I love him too much
Lora Croft (78197)
64 days ago
Thanks for this quiz! :D
emma (73933)
66 days ago
he is really cute but I am not sure he likes me back the way I do.
J.G.C. (14402)
75 days ago
J.C.M....You know I heard you're transferring next year. What a freaking coincidence!!! .....yeah.... I actually wasn't expecting me to transfer, my mom already told me. But since she said "You can choose any school you want, except your old one"
*thinking* : dunno....
(At the morning)* finds out where codename Pillows is going next year... *yeah* me: Mom! I think I know what school I'll be going!
Not a stalker though
D. (01311)
75 days ago
I love him much he is nice to me how I tell him
R.l (98752)
87 days ago
I’m already dating this guy. He’s depressing me like crazy. We almost broke up but I cleared it up. He really likes me as I do him. But sometimes I wonder. These answers were never quite how I felt. 😞🤷‍♀️
Onlyloveyou (22003)
87 days ago
I don't know how to let that one know I love no one else but him as much as I love myself. I only need him to love me. Is just that too greedy? Do I have to be a beggar for love and make he feel pity for me?