Do I Really Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)

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I know you LIKE that special someone, and that you can't stop thinking about him...but are you actually in LOVE with this guy? Is he *gasps* your SOULMATE? Or is he just another dead end? Find out now by taking this quiz made especially for the desperate-to-know!

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    How long have you liked him?

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365 days ago
this quiz says that I'm in love ...... with Ross Lynch ...... what?
369 days ago
Well, I'm not sure about this quiz. I was pretty depressing...Anyway, the person I like knows. What do I do?!
374 days ago
My crush is Joshua kilimnik, from odd squad.. he is the most wonderful person ever. I wrote so many songs about him, one was my love forever.
376 days ago
Lonely bean 1017
You should ask Nathan out I can’t say why I know you should but you NEED to please. This sounds crazy I know but please for me date him (unless u don’t like him anymore)
378 days ago
I'm so happy I got love. We were together before and we broke up because we both had family issues and now we are back together and it is perfect. I love him so much and he constantly is letting me know that he loves me. He is always trying to make me smile and everything is so simple around him. He knows the real me and I don't have to pretend anything.
398 days ago
I got love and I'm so happy I might cry :D
The thing is, I asked him if he liked me and the answer was, "maybe, maybe not. We'll see." I have no idea what that means, but I think he likes me. There was this other girl that liked him and she asked him if he liked her. He said, "Not really," so I know that he would have answered honestly to me as well if he truly didn't like me. Help?
(Btw his name is Ben. I know... even his name is adorable :3)
399 days ago
His only flaw is that he picked someone else over me.. he’s dating my cousin but I’m not mad at her and I’m not using here either to get close to him.. ok maybe a little . They call a lot and I go in and listen to him talk. I like to hear his voice
402 days ago
so yeah. I really really really really like this guy named nathan and i have for a year now and idk if he feels the same and hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfhfhfhhhhhhh
402 days ago
Hey blue girl,
Go for it
405 days ago
Well...there's this guy...his name's sean...he likes girls who look good and also have a personality which is amazing. he doesn't really like snobby girls and stuff. Anyway, Sean and I have been best friends since like when I first met him, we tell eeach other everything and are exactly the same...
I have the personality but not the looks...should I tell him I like him????????????????????????????
415 days ago
Facts: haven’t met my stupid long lasting crush in 7 years or seen his face in 5 but we’ve been in the same place a couple of times and I really want to forget about him but I can’t - I have tried to move on but I’d compare everyone to him and it wasn’t fair on the next guy if I was thinking about another whilst I was with him🤷🏽‍♀️
415 days ago
I think I love my boyfriend but he never talks to me 😕
418 days ago
I don’t really care about the opinions you put in your quiz lmao please don’t add that
421 days ago
I was taking this to see if I love my boyfriend but it assumed I was a stalker so lol
423 days ago
To you (the one I took this quiz for): I think I love you, but I'm really not sure. I mean, do you even like her? you talk to her all the time, but then again, every guy does. that used to be me last year. I used to be her. but now I'm the matchmaker. it's like every guy I see thinks of me as a way to get to her. and it's fair, I guess. I 💗 everything up last year. really, really bad. and I wish I hadn't. I shouldn't have told him about you, and how I liked you, because he told everyone. but at least I didn't say I loved you. however, I didn't love you last year. I didn't love anyone last year. I like you, and I liked him. both of you knew. everybody knew. you acted like you liked me back. except he didn't. and I don't think you did either. regardless, you both knew. and neither of you did 💗 about it. so, if you're reading this (and I know you're not) I think I love you. I think. why do I have to like (or love) you? I never see you. I have one class with you. she has 6 classes with you. so date her. but only if you want to. and if you don't, she probably won't care. I don't think she even likes you anymore, since everyone knows. but you like her. you totally like her. so date her. be happy. idc as long as you smile when you're around me, even if it's only because she's there too. why do I love you?
425 days ago
Your quiz is alittle judgemental. Like did you really need to put your input in the options?
430 days ago
I mean liam something wrong with writing thing😖
430 days ago
Loam Mayfield is so handsome and fit. Can't get him out my head the wosted part is his is my class sense year 7 I am in year 9 and he know I Francis him and he stares at me all time and stuck up for girl mean to me so I think he Francis me too 💘✌👼🙏😹😻💏😍😘😭😭😭😜😖😆😄
431 days ago
There's a problem it said that I just like him cause he’s cool and everyone likes him though that’s the thing he’s not that popular, nobody likes him, and he’s in 8th grade while I’m in 6th uhh this didn’t Help if u have anything
436 days ago
I feel like this was inaccurate because its killing me, seriously. I only wish it was just a regular old crush