Do Guys Like Me? (For The 12- to 14-Year-Old)

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Do you have guys drooling over you, or are you something of a wallflower? If it's kind of in the middle and you're not sure how you're coming across to the guys you're interested in (which is totally normal for most people), try taking my quiz to find out!

  • 1
    About how many guy friends do you have?
    About how many guy friends do you have?
  • 2
    A hot guy from your English class gives you the eye. You:
  • 3
    Have you ever been to the movies with a guy?

  • 4
    True or False: Your friends consider you a big flirt.
  • 5
    You're doing a group project in history class and wind up with a bunch of guys. How do you deal?
  • 6
    You're into this guy who's not in any of your classes at school. How do you let him know?

  • 7
    You're crushing MAJORLY on a hot guy. How do you dress?
  • 8
    You trip on the stairs right in front of your crush! What do you do?
  • 9
    You think guy friends are just as important as boyfriends. Yes or no?
  • 10
    Boys tend to flirt with you nonstop. Right?

Comments (163)


8 days ago
omg so cute and i need a boyfriend
8 days ago
I need a boyfriend I am 12
19 days ago
I have a crush on a guy in the other class his name is Kaelan i have had a crush on him for 5 years.💕
30 days ago
I need a boyfriend
36 days ago
My best friends are mostly boys, I have like one bff that's a girl but I mostly talk to my bro's friends soo
36 days ago
I'm that girl in class that talks to her friend's boyfriends and they always think I like them or they like me, lmao
37 days ago
Am single and cute and people flirt with me alot but they just ain't the one I don't have a crush on anyone but me
Alot of people has a crush on me....umm that didn't sound right did it!but am definitely looking for a boyfriend
46 days ago
Most of my friends are guys I have a couple of girls who are my friends but overall I find girls to be dramatic or they bring drama. No offence to you guys I understand that not all girls are like that. Also you dont have to answer this question but what is your guys type mine is badass I have taken 16 diffrent test cause my friend kept on daring me he wanted to know what is my type and every single one said either badass or bad boy or punk or rebellious type because I am apparently a badass/bad girl myself the test called me that and so do my friends but they also say that I am pretty nice once you get to know me that is I tend to be rude to people who I first meet.
861 days ago
Cow girl, it doesn't matter if you're pretty or ugly, fat or skinny. Boys can have different preferences, and just because a girl is pretty and/or skinny doesn't mean that a guy will like her. Being pretty and/or skinny is like, an "extra feature", but the girl's personality should matter more. This is a really cheesy response, but (in my opinion) it's true.

Ask yourself this. Would you rather go out with:
1) a guy who is hot (in your opinion) but doesn't have any characteristics/traits you prefer?
2) a guy who isn't very cute (in your opinion) but does have MOST of the characteristics/traits you prefer?

It's your choice to take this advice or not, Cow girl, but do I hope it helps you and any other girls dealing with this problem. I ask anyone else to comment/respond to my advice.
866 days ago
((I am destined to have aload of boyfriends even though I already have one and there all scared 😳 of me apart from my boyfriend lol 😂 they all have crushes on me
869 days ago
Someone please help me! I'm "guy shy". I'm also fat and ugly. I don't have a chance!
872 days ago
I have a lot of guy friends Nd I even hv a crush on one of them😍but he has a girlfriend 😒
874 days ago
I’m so guy-shy. I have a crush on this boy at my church and he told his friends he likes someone but he wouldn’t say who it was and he kept looking at me and blushing.
877 days ago
Ugh. I'm so jealous of those girls who get boyfriends nonstop.
881 days ago
It says guys love me but none of them talk to me
882 days ago
I like this quiz
882 days ago
I’m guy shy lol. There is one guy that I thought liked me and I had a MAJOR crush on him but he is in a different school now. So I guess that’s the end of that.
885 days ago
885 days ago
I like two boys and ones I 8th grade aband the other one is in one is in 7th grade
886 days ago
I have two crushes who both like my cousin one of them might like me but I don’t know what to say to them. How can I outshine my cousin?