M.A.S.H. quiz!

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this is a quiz about my sisters ultimate favorite TV show! Do you know enough to outsmart her? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Who was the resident priest on M.A.S.H.?
  • 2
    What was so unusual about Corporal Clinger?
  • 3
    What was the name of the clerk on the show?

  • 4
    Which actor played Clinger?
  • 5
    Which character replaced Trapper John when he got discharged?
  • 6
    Who did Frank replace?

  • 7
    Name the army unit
  • 8
    Where was the unit stationed?
  • 9
    What does M.A.S.H. stand for?
  • 10
    What was the theme song?

  • 11
    What was printed on Clinger's baseball shirt?
  • 12
    What was the title of the final episode?
  • 13
    What was Hawk Eye's real name?
  • 14
    Why does Clinger dress like a woman?
  • 15
    How m, any episode were there?

Comments (19)


1507 days ago
I think your mistaken. Frank replaced Henry as C.O. of the 4077 for a short time. Charles replaced Frank when he left.
1607 days ago
Also, his name was Klinger.....not Clinger
1607 days ago
Technically, Frank replaced Henry as C.O. of the 4077....temporarily, he was replaced by Col Sherman T. Potter at the beginning of season 4. For the question....yes Charles replaced Frank.
1872 days ago
Charles replaces Frank
1934 days ago
Question 6 the question is worded wrong, Frank didn't replace anyone but he was replaced by Major Winchester. Other than that a fun test.
1963 days ago
2133 days ago
Way to go people. I got stuck on #6 too and picked Henry. Thx for everyone who noticed.
2144 days ago
Question number 6 is worded incorrectly you stated "Who did Frank replace" you give the answer "Charles" the question should have been worded "Who replaced Frank"
2248 days ago
Question 6 Who did Frank replace? is incorrect, Charles replaced Frank, not the other way around.

Frank did, briefly, replace Henry
2378 days ago
Frank replaced Henry short term. Charles replaced Frank.
2383 days ago
2410 days ago
Frank took over for Henry but Charles replaced Frank.
2415 days ago
Frank did not replace Charles, Charles replaced Frank
2419 days ago
Charles replaced Frankl
2439 days ago
Frank replaced Henry then Charles replaced Frank.
2556 days ago
Frank replaced Henry, until Potter replaced him. #6 Charles is the wrong answer. Get it right so called mash head.
2567 days ago
You spelled Klinger's name wrong and Hawkeye is one word.
2579 days ago
Check out no. 6. Frank did not replace Charles, it was the other way round!
2602 days ago
Actually, question #6 is backwards. Charles replaced Frank, not the other way around.