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How well do you know trivia and random facts about MCR?

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Well, if you are a true fan, then you will be expected to know this quiz 100%, aiming to test you to the full! If you do not get full marks, then well, keep practicing!
Only a very small portion of people get 100&!

I am joking, I made that all up! No one has got full points - if you do, then be very impressed and walk round with the title of " I beat Lauren's trivia quiz on MCR and I am a true fan!"
Have a go, and good luck. . .

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    Famous Last Words was released on the 22nd January, 2007, but who was this meaningful song written for?

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439 days ago
I think this quiz is really good but the time is too short:’ I couldn’t even read a few of the questions to the end cause of too less time