Bleach True Or False

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Can you complete this true or false quiz and become captain material or be stuck as a average human on earth?

  • 1
    Soul reapers are older then humans on earth
  • 2
    Ichigo means fruit
  • 3
    All the captains have a vice captain or did

  • 4
    The 12 squad captain is the oldest of all captains
  • 5
    Ichigo is full fledged soul reaper
  • 6
    Captain Hitsugaya can not fully control his Bankai

  • 7
    There is over 170 episodes of Bleach thus so far
  • 8
    "Bleach" was past designed by a kid
  • 9
    "Bleach" series in France
  • 10
    Last question. Ichigo is not not not not a captain

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