Impossible Naruto Quiz

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The hardest, mind boggling-est Naruto quiz you will ever take.

  • 1
    People can't tell if I'm a boy or a girl. Who am I?
  • 2
    My brother has Sharigan. Who am I?
  • 3
    I cut off all my hair in a dramatic way. Who am I?
  • 4
    My cousin has byakugan. Who am I?
  • 5
    I'm part of the Akatsuki. Who am I?
  • 6
    I'm 4'11" before the time skip. Who am I?
  • 7
    I'm the lightest character. Who am I?
  • 8
    I fight with animals. Who am I?
  • 9
    My name is an animal name. Who am I?
  • 10
    My name is an invertebrate/insect name. Who am I?
  • 11
    I have lots of long dark hair.
  • 12
    I have lots of long light hair.
  • 13
    I'm dead. Who am I?
  • 14
    I'm a cannibal. Who am I?
  • 15
    I'm a Sannin. Who am I?
  • 16
    I use puppets when I fight. Who am I?
  • 17
    I'm a kunoichi. Who am I?
  • 18
    I have a rival. Who am I?
  • 19
    I've killed many people. Who am I?
  • 20
    I'm the most important character in moving along the Naruto Shippuuden storyline.

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Comments (22)


51 days ago
Makes no sense, Jiraya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are sannin, 1-4 hokage are dead, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Ino have rivals, Haku looks like a girl, too. Worst quiz i’ve ever had.
53 days ago
Fam dis quiz makes 0 sense
67 days ago
it sa7d i got 2 questions right thus impossible since Multiple answers
76 days ago
im madara (not rely)
114 days ago
WHAT KIND OF TEST IS THIS?You can answer correct answers and still get it wrong!It’s unfair. Foolish answering.This is a test of trial and error.
I’m a sannin who am I?
“oh I wonder which one is the correct answer.It’s not like they’re all sannin or anything!”😡😡
I am disappointed.
126 days ago
sry to say this... but this quiz is ridiculous! 'my brother has the sharingan, who am i?' sasuke and itachi are both brothers, u didnt mention if it was the little brother or big brother! this test was UNFAIR!😡
127 days ago
This quiz was unfair, because there are to many questions with more answers
153 days ago
Fool questions... You donrbknow what you are asking
172 days ago
u can answer whatever u want u sill get the wrong answer ......worst test ever
175 days ago
worst quiz ever. people cant tell if im a boy or a girl and haku is the wrong answer? almost all of the questions had options that had more than 1 correct answers. do not waste your time on this quiz
177 days ago
most of the answers have alot of correct answers cause for example i am dead who am i? all of the 1-4th kage are dead
207 days ago
i got 3 right and most of the questions were pretty much you can go with either character such as 'im a sannin who am i?' 'A)Orochimaru B) Jiraiya C)Tsunade' You: HHHHMMMMMM which one is right????? and the hokage one 'Im died who am i?' A)4th Hokage B)3rd hokage C) 2nd hokage D)1st hokage You: I wonder....
215 days ago
this quiz was very bad lol the questions were good but the answers were all right and apparently i got 3 right XD
218 days ago
Like really I am dead choices 1st-4th hokage really?
234 days ago
DUDE THERE ARE NO RIGHT ANSWERS IN SOME QUESTIONS LIKE :Who has a rival:Naruto,Sasuke,Sakura or Ino.All of them have rivals
235 days ago
This was the worst quiz i've ever had
259 days ago
Like some of the answers were all of them. I put for which ninja is a sannin and for the suggestions were all of the sannin oruchimau (don’t know how to spell XD) , tsunade and jiraya. It said pick one so I agree which yume takanashi. The person who made this should really check over it. Not in a rude way. But thanks for the quiz. 😉😉😎🤯
321 days ago
this is all wrong information who the hell you think you are telling me i failed in a naruto quiz
458 days ago
most people cant tell if im a boy or a girl
502 days ago
💜 The most of the questions have have them all as answer ( I am sorry my bad english )