Will you survive an enemy invasion?

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Hometown overrun. Hostiles everywhere. Basically... screw it. Just see if you're a bad-ass.

  • 1
    How would you describe your build?
  • 2
    How vicious can you get?
  • 3
    One day, you turn on the TV. The news says military fighting has been reported in several areas near your hometown. Outside, rioters are tearing up the streets. You:
  • 4
    Government troops suddenly flood the area. Some are wounded, all are freaking out. On the horizon, a ominous army amasses. Your next move?
  • 5
    The enemy surrounds the city. What happens with you?
  • 6
    The army invades your hometown!
  • 7
    Enemy troops are pushing you and your allies back!
  • 8
    POW! You get hit on your head and pass out for 2 days. Good news: you're alive. Bad news: the enemy has taken over the whole city/town. Next?
  • 9
    Moving around alleys and deserted streets, you see a group of your friends in a nearby house. You also see four enemy soldiers moving into the same house. You
  • 10
    You and your friends are safe for now, but miles behind enemy lines. What to you guys do?
  • 11
    You guys are now the partisans! Where is your Secret HQ?
  • 12
    One of your buddies mentions that your family was last seen, hiding in your uncle's house. The area is guarded by light infantry. You:
  • 13
    You go alone to your uncle's house. Two infantry at the door, two more in the front yard, and four in a jeep. You use:
  • 14
    Your whole family-even little cousins and grandparents- have been murdered in cold blood!
    How do you deal with the PAIN!
  • 15
    You go back to your friends, share the horrible news, and ask to be alone. 3 days later, you guys see a group of civilians being raped and/or brutalized by enemy grunts. You decide?
  • 16
    You feel so alone. Eventually, you reconnect with your friends. One friend of the opposite gender begins spending more time with you and seems to be flirting. You think:
  • 17
    After 6 weeks of mourning, you have finally gotten over your family's death. You are on patrol one day and see camps of fellow partisans. You:
  • 18
    After meeting with all the partisans, you all decide to join forces to defeat the invaders. You are chosen as leader.
  • 19
    What strategy do you choose?
  • 20
    Three months into your new campaign, the guy/girl who flirted with you earlier says they love you. You have secretly liked them long before the invasion, but are afraid of more loss. You say to them:
  • 21
    You wind up getting captured by enemy forces. The enemy commander beats you, starves you, and threatens to shoot you if you don't tell where the resistance is. Do you give in?
  • 22
    You escape, but now the enemy knows where you are! What now?
  • 23
    Your fortress is attacked by the whole occupational army. Civilians help, but you know you are overwhelmed. Ideas?
  • 24
    Just as the enemy seems to have you in their clutches, BOOM, government soldiers storm the area. You're saved! What's next for you?
  • 25
    This was a f&#@ed up test, right? Be honest

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Comments (15)


42 days ago
Awesome quiz! I apparently won the glory. I commend the quiz creator!
174 days ago
I think I got an adrenaline rush just from taking this quiz! Fun but scary. And I WON!!!!!
297 days ago
i was smart and strategic but how does dat work i was shot four times!!!
338 days ago
K so I like to think I'm logical, but obviously most will get these quizzes right due to their not being the pressure of war upon their shoulders, we have the time to think logically and not run on adrenaline and out emotions, though i'd like to think i'd be my usual logical self i'd most definitely abandon humanity just to kill everything during a war.
430 days ago
Make sure you do not just go in because then you would easily die!!!!!!!!
494 days ago
Dude, are you sure you're even human? They can't kill you, injure you, or even hold you down! You're like a mix of Jason Bourne, the Terminator, and George Patton. Suggestion: Save the world, Please! whoop whoop!
528 days ago
541 days ago
That was cool.
602 days ago
dont tell me what 2 do
616 days ago
I will always live, you cannot kill me evil butheads!!!!
658 days ago
I am always winning these sort of quizzes....I RULE!!
685 days ago
I'm awesome! i survived and got to kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
791 days ago
I'm a mother @#$%&?
820 days ago
823 days ago
I will rule this @$#=:;+ Post up