Is he stalking you?

Is that guy every says likes you really stalking you?

  • 1
    Does he know your name? ( without you telling him it?)
  • 2
    Are you friends with him?
  • 3
    Does he talk to you a lot?

  • 4
    He's already sitting in a sit and you come in and sit down on the opposite side of the room does he come over and sit next to you?
  • 5
    Does he carry around your school picture?
  • 6
    Does he have your number?

  • 7
    If yes Does he call you a lot?
  • 8
    Does he follow you around everywhere?
  • 9
    Do You think he's stalking you?
  • 10
    last question OK has he asked you to go somewhere with him?

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1414 days ago
The first question is relatable but wetejuwt normal people living? He always takes my lunch box and hide and says "i think your loosing something" and that guy always close my eyes!!! Annoying
1470 days ago
your just normal ppl living life ? He keeps staring at me in class and blushing he was gaspings coz I got a new hair done today and he was looking at me the whole lesson and he spies on me and my friends ans listens to our conversations . So it is pretty much stalking yall agree ?
1481 days ago
This quiz tells me he isn’t a stalker...he has a shrine of me...he made out with a picture of me. TEST ISNT ACCURATE FOR ME. I love him but I think he loves me a little...too much.
1493 days ago
It said he wasn't stalking me but he just gave me 15 voice mails when I looked away for 2 minutes
1642 days ago
There's a guy he is so weird he said he wanted to kidnap me
1652 days ago
i think hes stalking me