Are you a girly girl, a princess, a tomboy, or are you in the middle of everything?

Developed by: Katie

Are you SUPER Girly? Are you meant to be a princess? Are you a boy in a girl’s body? Or are you just normal?

  • 1/10
    You are COMPLETELY out of socks. You buy a pair that is:

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Brooke (05646)
24 days ago
I am super super girly girl and my favorite color is pink and white
Kaylee (26279)
74 days ago
I agree with you Sarah!
Kaylee (26279)
74 days ago
OMG! this test is so not right! I am not girly at all and it says that I am super super girly! Do girly people seriously dig in the dirt to find clay?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I didn't think so.
Princess Sasha (27285)
110 days ago
Its so good nice !!! But.....Its a bit geeky!!!LOL!!!!! :P
Sarah (96166)
829 days ago
This quiz is so inaccurate