What Should Your Nickname Be?

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FOR GIRLS ONLY! Have you decide to give each other nicknames, but can't decide? Well, now you can.

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    What do you do with your friends?

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320 days ago
Sorry I don't do dangerous things.
506 days ago
My name means happiness and I like it more
724 days ago
828 days ago
spikes??! Hmmmn, i guess i'll think about it
875 days ago
Non of mine make sence
1469 days ago
Does not fit with me at ALL!! it said im "SPARKLES" and im a girly girl!!!! my hair is as short as my ears AND i HATE makeup and glitter and that stuff!!!
1585 days ago
hi! my nickname is giggles!!
1601 days ago
I got Angel as a nick name
1756 days ago
Emma, there’s a girl in my school and I call her EmmaNem XD cool nickname. What should my nickname be? It’s Averil (Ah-ver-ill)
1890 days ago
I’m Tommy! A real tomboy 😡
I’ve got a boy in my class called Tommy, he’s not at all cool! But he thinks he is-he’s just annoying!
1890 days ago
And what about swimming?! That is a very popular sport! Also for girls!
1890 days ago
Hey! What about normal colors?! Like: Blue, pink, green, yellow red or orange!
By the way my nickname is m&m, cause my name has 2 m’s (Emma)- know, bit stupid:)
1903 days ago
I found out what my friends nickname is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my youtube channel
1903 days ago
i am NOT a tomboy so in your face yo!
1928 days ago
Sorry, I'm just Soooooooooo bored.
1928 days ago
You feel divine?