Most Fun FRIENDS Fan Quiz

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How well do you know the TV show Friends? This quiz is not for mild fans!

  • 1
    Why did Phoebe kiss Gunter?
  • 2
    When Monica opens all the wedding presents why doesn’t Chandler get mad?

  • 3
    Finish Phoebe’s song: New York City has no power and _____, but to me it is not scary, because I _____ .

  • 4
    Who said: “Monica you’re scaring me. I mean, you’re all chaotic and twirl; and not in a good way.”?
  • 5
    Who sang: “Monica and Rachel have syrup, now I can get my man to cheer up.”?
  • 6
    When Ross shares his Star Wars fantasy with Chandler what does Chandler do to ruin it?

  • 7
    Phoebe spills hummus on her dress, what does she do?

  • 8
    Monica makes a hole in the floor looking to see where a wire leads. What is the name of the neighbour below them that Rachel says hello to through the hole?

  • 9
    Who did Ross try to impress by playing Rugby?

  • 10
    Who gives the best bad massages?
  • 11
    Who said: “They don’t know that we know they know we know”?
  • 12
    Which adult film did Ursula NOT star in using Phoebe’s name?

  • 13
    In TOW Chandler can’t cry, what finally makes him break down?

  • 14
    In the one that could have happened what ended up NOT happening?

  • 15
    What career did Phoebe NOT have?

  • 16
    What does Monica recognize from the boxes to know it’s not her childhood stuff?

  • 17
    What are the names of Joey’s chair and TV?

  • 18
    How does Joey get back on Days of Our Lives?

  • 19
    What is the name of the 3D woman in Phoebe’s painting that she made?

  • 20
    Why did Phoebe stop giving massages to Monica?

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anonymous (91086)
183 days ago
actually joey does not have💗with rachel they were going to but she threw up and didn't but pheobe does have a heart attack leave the hospital and have another one
Jessie (91329)
257 days ago
This isss