Does he return your feelings?

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A twenty-question quiz to find out if the one you like (or just anybody in general, though it's preferable if it's somebody you like as well) likes you back. Note: This person must be a friend, or at least someone you correspond with on a regular basis (I've noticed in other quizzes that the choices/answers can pertain to both crushes and just friends, and I don't think that's fair/unbiased, so do get rid of doubts, quiz yourself on a friend. After all, it's kind of weird to be quizzing yourself on a stranger.). E-mail me for any advice or questions, or just to talk--I'm a great listener.:) Disclaimer: this quiz is just a quiz!: D And BE HONEST in your answers. Some answers might not turn out to have the result you predict. What you want to be the answer can definitely be different from what is actually the answer.

  • 1
    In terms of talking online, on average, how long are your conversations?
  • 2
    If you moved away, what would he say to you?
  • 3
    Does he have your phone number, or have you ever called him before and talked for longer than two minutes?
  • 4
    If he saw you in the school hallway (given that he does actually go to your school, regardless of whether he actually does or not), what would he do?
  • 5
    Let's say you're in the same class and there are a few seats open, including one next to you. Would he sit down in the seat next to you?
  • 6
    Does he talk to you, whether on Facebook or Myspace or AIM or phone?
  • 7
    Has he had a lot of girlfriends?
  • 8
    Does he talk to you everyday?
  • 9
    Does he talk to you about other girls? (if more than one applies, pick the one that you think happens most often).
  • 10
    Are you confident (in yourself, as a personality trait)?
  • 11
    Lastly. If he is your friend, has he ever actually SAID the word "friend," or "best friend," to describe you (or label you as one sometime during a conversation?)

    (remember to be honest.)

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5 days ago
Idk what 2 do coz I like this guy and he has shown signs that he likes me (e.g. stares at me a lot etc) but mum says I'm not aloud a boyfriend until I finish school and get a job. I don't want 2 disobey mums opinion but I really really like him IDK WHAT 2 DO PLS HELP ME!!!!!!
31 days ago
I am 11 years old and I like this guy and I don't know if he like me I need invice.
38 days ago
I need lots of help guys..
So my crush and I actually did like each other, and we ended up going to homecoming together and had an awesome time. But then like a week or two after, I heard that he was trying to get over me because I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend. We talked about it twice, he said that he was too scared to talk to me about this earlier and that he still liked me, but he was just trying to get over me (he cried the first time, but don't worry I wasn't mean, just sad). I wanted to tell him that I'm allowed to be in a relationship, just not with an official boyfriend, but I choked and the words slipped my mind. So now now it's been like 2 months and I think he's making a come back but I'm not sure, i still really like him and I know he cares about me, I just don't know if it's in the same way, help me plzzz.
49 days ago
@moose, same! My crush is a year older than me. I just got over my old crush who was four days older. I just don't think that my last crush and I were meant to be. Also, fyi, I am not the kind of girl who ALWAYS has a crush on someone. xD
49 days ago
There's a great chance he's already thought about being with you. Girls do it, and so do guys; they match themselves up mentally with their friends, just experimentally, and see if it's good or not. It's either that you have a really close friendship with him, or there's some definite (but not yet out in the open) attraction. E-mail me if you need more info.

Yay! I mean, he does talk to me a lot--more than other girls. And he DEFINITELY tries to sit next to me. He doesn't talk as much to or sit next to other girls. So, I hope these results are accurate! Thank you!
63 days ago
Hey Alyssa ask him out I got nothing to lose
82 days ago
I need help idk if i sould ask him out or not we have a lot in common and i am almost 100% sure he likes me back but im afraid that if i dont ask him out someone else might get him but if i ask him and he dont like me back then im afraid it might ruin our friendship and i really dont want that to happen please tell me what i should do
117 days ago
there's a great chance he's already thought being with you.... wow, I hope, I wish. he's a year older than me and we only have one class together like we don't even have lunch together. my teacher put us in assigned seats and we had to sit next to each other since he's really talkative and im pretty reserved, its not that im shy its just I don't talk much unless im around people that I like and at the time I didn't like my crush and then he was really funny and nice and offers me things and wants to be my partner when we work in pairs and im like "ok! sure why not?" and I say that because I don't wanna be rude and I don't have many friends in that class but he does. we get to choose our seats on Fridays and he sat with me and his best frend sat there too but in my class we get to do games and improve and im not even joking I swear he asked me this... "do you have a boyfriends?" and I was like "uhhhh no..."
149 days ago
We’re friends with benefits with that guy and I have real feelings for him.. I can’t seem to find any good tests to help me because he’s also a fboy
185 days ago
It said he might want to be with me. What the heck was that. I have had a crush on him EIGHT years and they give me that! I talk to him all the time. We are best friends and they give me that!!! What the hay!
188 days ago
It says that we are good friends but we're not, We're the typical punch each other, "Friends". He texts me often for a few minutes and in class, if you need a partner I would do it with my friend but if it needs a boy then he does it. And we're both kinda on the popular side but idk yet. Oh, and in second grade he said he liked me but it's been 4 years.... tell me what you think?
236 days ago
Shy Girl: i’m actually going through the same situation too. except, i never confessed, he ended up figuring it out somehow. and i’m not really sure if he likes me back or not, i think he might, or maybe just as a friend (my guy friend, let’s call him P, was talking with my crush, and let’s call him D, and P asked him if he would consider one of my friends Stefanie, as a friend. D said um… sure. then P asked him if he would consider my friend Izzy as a friend and D said, sure. then my friend Pamela, and D said i guess. Then P asked D if he would consider ME as a friend and he said yes, without hesitating. i really don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. but it’s ok.) But anyway once D figured out that I liked and I was right there, he just smiled kinda shyly but also kinda blushing and victorious. but ever since he figured out he’s been kinda weird around me idk if it’s a good weird or bad though. D is so confusing idk how he feels about me, but in your situation, I would get a friend of yours or just someone to ask him if he really does like you then they can report to you.
236 days ago
OMG He actually return my feelings , but i told him how i felt and i don't actually know if he actually likes me back ... then again he has been acting different :>
what should i do ? ( put my name if you answer me thx ! )
252 days ago
*update* I just asked him out. He rejected me. Things are in a very rough patch now me and my cousin and her friends (they are older than me and so is he by a year) we’re hanging out during our break outside on the school grounds and he walked through our group to catch his football or something and I said this (and i quote) “why are you rejected me remember?” Then he said...”So I’m dead to you now?” And I mumbled “Yeah” and now I feel REALLY guilty and he kinda stares at me sometimes. But he told me “he wanted to say single”. The thing is though...he likes my friend. And she doesn’t like him. And while I was doing the obstacle course for a school event he was holding open the tunnel I had to crawl through and he looked at me and yelled something I didn’t hear. ... help....
252 days ago
:((((( he doesn’t like me.
263 days ago
i have a crush on a certain guy he's had 2 girlfriends he broke up with and one if them is my friend and when his other ex broke up with him it was because he like my friend who is also his ex and my friend said that his ex Shannon broke up with him because she found out he liked my friend Mackenzie and she said he also liked me i don't know if this is true hopefully it is because on Instagram he like EVERYTHING I post literally EVERYTHING and he's always watching me sketch he's super nice to me and since currently i'm on crutches he's worrying about me more than anyone else is worrying about me!

does this mean he likes me back???
please i needs help 😥😥😥😳😳😳
268 days ago
It said there was a great chance that he has already thought about being with me! YAY ;)
270 days ago
Gosh, I'm friend zoned
271 days ago
omg it said he might like me 😍😍 thanks so much girl! i literally love this quiz 😅
306 days ago
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