Does he return your feelings?

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A twenty-question quiz to find out if the one you like (or just anybody in general, though it's preferable if it's somebody you like as well) likes you back. Note: This person must be a friend, or at least someone you correspond with on a regular basis (I've noticed in other quizzes that the choices/answers can pertain to both crushes and just friends, and I don't think that's fair/unbiased, so do get rid of doubts, quiz yourself on a friend. After all, it's kind of weird to be quizzing yourself on a stranger.). E-mail me for any advice or questions, or just to talk--I'm a great listener.:) Disclaimer: this quiz is just a quiz!: D And BE HONEST in your answers. Some answers might not turn out to have the result you predict. What you want to be the answer can definitely be different from what is actually the answer.

  • 1
    In terms of talking online, on average, how long are your conversations?
  • 2
    If you moved away, what would he say to you?
  • 3
    Does he have your phone number, or have you ever called him before and talked for longer than two minutes?
  • 4
    If he saw you in the school hallway (given that he does actually go to your school, regardless of whether he actually does or not), what would he do?
  • 5
    Let's say you're in the same class and there are a few seats open, including one next to you. Would he sit down in the seat next to you?
  • 6
    Does he talk to you, whether on Facebook or Myspace or AIM or phone?
  • 7
    Has he had a lot of girlfriends?
  • 8
    Does he talk to you everyday?
  • 9
    Does he talk to you about other girls? (if more than one applies, pick the one that you think happens most often).
  • 10
    Are you confident (in yourself, as a personality trait)?
  • 11
    Lastly. If he is your friend, has he ever actually SAID the word "friend," or "best friend," to describe you (or label you as one sometime during a conversation?)

    (remember to be honest.)

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3 days ago
I just want to know if I should ask him out? I got There's a great chance he's already thought about being with you. Girls do it, and so do guys; they match themselves up mentally with their friends, just experimentally, and see if it's good or not. It's either that you have a really close friendship with him, or there's some definite (but not yet out in the open) attraction........advice please
5 days ago
think you're good friends, if not very good friends. Comfortable with each other. Maybe you two have been so close for such a long time that feelings are inevitably brewing. I got this which is weird, we kind of got pretty close in the span of 2 weeks, and we text kind of alot and see each other at school and church.
7 days ago
Ok so this is gonna sound really confusing but... There's this guy named Cole. We met a few months ago. We've texted back and forth a ton of times. Finally I got comfortable to tell him I liked him. He said he liked me a lot too! And after that he keeps making comments about the future and how were going to be together. We even planned to match a t a church service! But I recently found out that a girl he used to like is one of my friends. I asked him about her and he said he didn't have any feelings for her, only me. But I think she likes him... The problem is she goes to the same church as him and I'm scared that I'm not good enough for him. Even though he's told me countless times that I don't compare to her. I'm just really scared... Help me!!!
21 days ago
I don’t have a clue what to do though. I know I got a good score on this test but I’m just worried because how do I know that he does actually really like me???
29 days ago
I think you're good friends, if not very good friends. Comfortable with each other. Maybe you two have been so close for such a long time that feelings are inevitably brewing. It's classic--two people of the opposite💗(or preferred genders) can't stay friends with each other for too long before one starts having curious feelings for the other. But I'd suggest you keep going in the direction you're going, if you're willing to risk the good friendship you already have. E-mail me if you need more info. Was my answer, Me and my crush has been good friends for about 6 years along with my other best friend. He teases me at times but our friend group has always been that goofy,funny,group that teases eachother! Sometimes we get awkward when we're alone. And my other bff,who is his cousin,says that he likes me alot. I am seeing him next month hopefully due to the fact that I moved away 5 years ago to Texas while they still live in Michigan (My home town) We used to live to houses away but now we live a country away! My crush is pretty "flirty" in terms of how people say: "If a guy teases you to play and wants to be around you more he probably likes you" kind of way and he even said he liked me "a little bit. But he doesn't know yet" But he hasn't made any moves. What do you guys think?
42 days ago
Everyone on this page that is having feelings for someone, go tell them. They shouldn't like you for your looks but you personality. Just tell them and if they don't like you back then find a better guy. My crush actually rejected me before he told me that he liked me a few days ago. I mean it doesn't matter how good looking you ate, just need yourself and tell that special person because they could just be waiting for that time that you tell them. Get real with them and just let all of your feelings out.
42 days ago
I've literally known him for 7 years and just a few days ago he actually said that he was returning the same feelings as me. I absolutely love this guy. Plus, everyone says that we are the perfect couple. We even have the same glasses.
49 days ago
Hola so can someone pleeeeease tel, me the true answer to this question... DOES HE LIKE ME... we will call him bob ive known him for like 3 months and we are close friends... j have him on snapchat and we talk every so often he was one of the few to wish me a happy b-day and we met at summer camp so i havent seen him for a long time and i wont see him for like another 9 months and im just getting mixed signals help meee....
60 days ago
The guy i'm in love is one of the funniest, smartest people i know and every quiz i've taken and all signs point to yes! but he's naturally friendly and charismatic and i know deep down he just thinks i'm a friend...and even if he did like me back, his parents are conservative and religious and don't allow him to date. all my friends ship us but he seems to have so many friendships with other girls and i really really really don't know what to do i'm so hopelessly in love.
100 days ago
So the guy I liked would get so jealous when I would talk to my best friend who is a boy. He'd cut me off sometimes from talking to my friend. Stare really angrily at my best friend when we'd be paired up. He would move seats in class to wherever I would be and I never paid attention..only until one day he made a boy in front of me move. We were friends but he became distant from me and we had a moment where we almost kissed but I had backed away...but to me it felt clear he may like me but then he kept having all these girlfriends but he still had a soft spot for me. I was being made of fun of at school and he answered back to the girl for me. Most of these nice memories happened a few years ago. But the ones with my best friend were this year at school. He also would look at me a lot. But I never read too much into he has a girlfriend who he seems to like a lot. Everytime he didn't have a gf that's when he was close with me and I could see it, but it was also during times he did... Our mums are friends and his mum also is wondering why he's avoiding me. I used to go over to their house for dinner ... went on a couple of picnics too.. can anyone give me a clear idea of how this guy feels?
146 days ago
why did I take this test YES HE DOES! there's this boy exactly like that in all of my classes, and after observing 4 a while, I knew he obvi did and my friends did too. Also , do u like him back? u never said that...aND PEOPLE I NEED HELP PLEASE HELP ME!!!
146 days ago
Hannah, if you aren't SUPER SURE he likes you, I wouldn't tell him bc that might ruin your friendship. Keep looking for signs that he likes u. but U GOT THIS if you do!
146 days ago
ok so theres this boy I met at camp and like I saw him b4 but never really noticed him. But when I got to camp and saw him more often, I realized he was really fun, cute, and a lot like me, backwards hat and all. And the first 2 days of camp we didn't talk or NEthing, but then on the 3rd day he asked me a question (I forget wut it was, not anything important tho I think)and it was at snack and he was sitting close to me and I saw his face up close and I was like "Oh dang he's cute" and I almost died, but that's not the point ;p. And then on the 4th day all the campers were inside watching a movie and I told my friend if we sat near the computer (right next to where he was) we'd see the movie better. And she totally bought it and so we did. It was kinda scary at first, I mean I wasn't going to talk to him unless he talked to me. But we ended up talking about randomness, and it was so fun because he clearly actually cared about what I was saying. And then during the movie, he kept glancing back at me like notice or something lol. I told myself if I didn't hold his stare at least once I would regret it. but I couldn't work up the courage to because I am ABSUOLTELY not a flirt. Then I went to bed like💗I shoulda. So on the last day, I did it. It was CRAAAZY. Not for too long, but for long enough. And then he left, so its not like I could talk to him after that. But here are the problems: he's a YEAR YOUNGER THAN ME, and I wont see him until next year unless I bump into him somewher else. And ik this sounds stupid, but I was praying that god would help us meet again soon. Honestly I never felt the way I did with him, IDK what to do if I don't see him again, or if I do. Any advice anyone? PLEASE!!!
148 days ago
so there’s this guy and we’ve been good friends for a while and i think i have feelings for him. he and i are pretty close so it’s hard to tell if he likes me back or anything, and i want to ask him but if i do i don’t want it to ruin our friendship if he doesn’t like me back. what should i do??
149 days ago
Also the boy I like freakin’ used to like me but I feel like he still does and I don’t know what to do about I really don’t know what to do and what’s going on 💗
149 days ago
There’s this boy and he’s super attractive and funny but one of my best friends also likes him and I don’t know what to do but she knows I do , also the boy I like knew that I liked him before and called me a ‘friend’ and said that he’ll never go out with me but I don’t know because this test says differently and It Really freaking hurt my feelings do you have any relationship advice ?
156 days ago
So there’s this boy in 2/3 of my classes (were in gifted together) and in math he always sits next to me, but it might be because he isn’t super great friends with anyone else although we all are friends and sit at the same lunch table. He also looked unhappy when I talked about my old crush once. My friends say that he acts different when I’m not around. What do y’all think?
195 days ago
Gellelax it means that he think you like him and bc he has liked you maybe you could be an item a couple and he’s really excited so ask him out (but remember if u guys don’t work out it will hurt your friendship too)
198 days ago
OK so first of all sisterJosephine he likes you
And second of all
OK do my best friend(Joe) txted me that he is happy that I'm always there for him when he needs me and that he'll do the same for me
And I texted back I'm embarrassed and then he texted back and said oh no my head hurts I think I have a fever, and my heart is beating 2 beats per second. Do I texted back when did that happen?. Then he texted back after you said I'm embarrassed
And I don't have a dang clue what that means!!!!
Why did his heart started beating faster?
He also said that that was the first time it randomly happened to him!
I need advice!
What does that mean?
208 days ago
The dude(Caspian) I like is also my best friend. All of our other friends say that we are always flirting in class. At the end of the day, he waits for me by the buses and walks me to my bus and gives me a hug goodbye. A few days ago I had forgotten to give him a hug so he said: " Josie can I have my hug?". And just Friday we were standing together and my friend comes running by and he slows down to say “ Hi Josephine…. And hi Josephine's boyfriend. “ Caspian looks at me and turns red. In class, we are always making eye contact and then he smiles at me. Our computers are right next to each other and he always lets me put my legs in his lap. There was this one time when we had went to this dodgeball game together and he sat right next to me. And my friend said he would look over at me and smile when I wasn't paying attention. He’s suggested that we should go to Texas together to visit his grandparents and get tacos. Honestly, I have no idea if he likes me or not. Please, someone, help me!!!!!