Dragonball Z - The ultimate quiz

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This is no ordinary quiz folks, but one that requires logical thinking. It is necessary to know the facts about the Dragonball series clearly. A piece of advice - READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY. Well then, let's begin

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    What is the name of the joint attack of Burter and Jeice of the Ginyu force?
    What is the name of the joint attack of Burter and Jeice of the Ginyu force?

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°~° (18407)
76 days ago
But the eye color is a change for ssj2
8=D (09233)
83 days ago
another dbz quiz with dbgt questions!
anti-nick (62277)
100 days ago
in the fight vs majin vegeta, goku does indeed go ssj2 and his muscles do get bigger, He showed his ascended form when he was sparring against gohan in the hyperbolic time chamber, but didnt want to use it cuz it reduces speed.
nick (48439)
177 days ago
on question 10 for super ssj2 their muscles don't really get bigger. unless you are trying to mean the ascended ssj form which is not ssj2 it is technically a form between ssj1 and ssj2. goku stated that it has the power but lacked the speed to back it up that is why perfect cell beat ascended sayin trunks. gohan was the first one to achieve ssj2 correctly he had the power plus the speed
Henrique Pong (09167)
192 days ago
Sorry 9 saiyans if you count Tarble.
Henrique Pong (09167)
192 days ago
Krillin died 5 times if you include future timeline, Goku says he had already used ssj3 in otherworld, there are 8 saiyans since if you are counting movies have to stick with it: Goku, Vegeta, Turles, Nappa, Raditz, Bardock, Broly, Paragus, it is Katchin not Catchine, ssj2 doesn't have longer hair only a bang that goes up for Goku, Vegeta more wavy hair, Gohan teen hair spiked, Gohan adult same thing and Gohan was not only stronger than a super saiyan vs Buu but it is actually referred to as a separate transformation. Otherwise nice quiz.
samer abed (07165)
211 days ago
No; 13 is wrong
there is Goku, vegeta, nappa, raditz from the DBZ series
turles, Broly, vegeta's brother, paragus "broly's father"
that makes them 8 :) not to mention that Bardock actually survived and he battled against chilled who is frieza's ancestor.