Does he like you (for girls only in 8th grade)?

Developed by: GEMM

Want to know if he likes you take this quiz to find out!

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    Does he look at You?

Comments (13)


Me (90491)
20 days ago
I don’t even know him irl. We only text
peeps (20326)
74 days ago
he is in 8th grade we see each other only in the bus
LeopardGrl (98167)
92 days ago
WHAAAT! This makes no sense. I know he likes me. We told each other!
Flower (43352)
129 days ago
What if he isn’t in my class he’s two year older I only see him on the bus
Person (43352)
129 days ago
how can they tell us whether or not our answer is correct I don’t like site and will not be using again. Thx but no thx 👌
Felicia (42169)
164 days ago
OMG so many teaspoons!
Sammy (29034)
240 days ago
How about always? Every time he's around *boop!
Roman (97589)
366 days ago
I like him .He is my classmate. In fact our names are also same . But I don't know he likes me or not.
Arii (20644)
471 days ago
He isn't in my class he's a year younger also
Kyla (69234)
561 days ago
what if he's not in ur class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricshell (90130)
815 days ago
You lied he does like me
Ricshell (67757)
819 days ago
U need to fix question 2 not every one is in the same class as there crush
Darla (34729)
860 days ago
Why you lying? OH MY GOSH!!! STOP LYING!!!!