Guess the celebrity

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Use the clues to help you guess what celebrity they go with

  • 1
    ...has a little brother named Aaron
    Is a member of the Backstreet Boys
  • 2 divorced from Kevin Federline
    Is the mother of two little boys named Sean Preston and Jayden James
  • 3
    ...was married to Jessica Simpson
    Is dating a girl named Vanessa
    Has a little brother named Drew
    Was a member of the band 98 degrees

  • 4 married to Brad Pitt
    Has three adopted children
    Has a biological daughter named Shiloh
  • 5
    ...was married to Nick Lachey
    has a little sister named Ashlee
  • 6
    ...plays Sharpay in the High School Musical movies
    plays Maddie on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  • 7
    ...plays one of the Baker children in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen
    has an older sister named Haylie
  • 8 dating Zac Efron
    plays Gabriella in the High School Musical movies
  • 9
    ...plays the character Hannah Montana
    her dad's name is Billy Ray
  • 10
    ...played the character Cady in the movie Mean Girls
    played the twins Annie and Holly in The Parent Trap

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