How average (normal) are you?

Developed by: Datsy

We all wonder if we do the same things everyone else does from time to time. Here is a great way for you to figure out if you are below average, average or unique.

  • 1
    I wake up in the morning around:
  • 2
    I usually (your answer goes here) every day:
  • 3
    I have contact with friends at least:
  • 4
    I contact my family (this is referring to mother and father, sisters, brothers or cousins only)at least:
  • 5
    I shop for clothes for myself:
  • 6
    I love animals and believe they deserve
  • 7
    I work
  • 8
    I own a car that
  • 9
    My car is
  • 10
    I watch TV

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