Does HE know that you like him?

Developed by: The love DR.

Does the guy you've been flirting with all summer KNOW that YOU like him? Take this quiz and fine out!

  • 1
    First of all do you even like the guy?
  • 2
    Do YOU think he likes you at all?
  • 3
    Do you think he knows that you like him?
  • 4
    Has he even showed that HE KNOWS that You like him? Like has he acted more cocky lately or does he some how have a bigger ego now! Or have the " I know you like me" act?
  • 5
    Have you ever heard someone say that you like him or heard HIM tell someone that you like him? ( this question ONLY counts if YOU haven't told ANYBODY even your sister!
  • 6
    Has anyone told HIM that you like him?
  • 7
    Have you ever told him that you like him?
  • 8
    Has he ever asked you if you like him?
  • 9
    Do you think he knows?
  • 10
    Did you like my quiz?

Comments (20)


Errmmm (14843)
5 days ago
he has blonde hair and blue eyes. i did tell him, though this says he has noclue (01371)
38 days ago
Plus G and other people keep saying we should go on a date with spaghetti or noodles.. like the eating the same strand of spaghetti thing. They ship us but n a weird way.. we're not dating i don't even know if he likes me right now! ( The quiz says He doesn't have a clue! Go an flirt with him already!....... What are you still doing here)

Luckily for you, that is the end of my rant ( Unless you give me advice ) (91446)
38 days ago
Halfway through the lesson I went to my pencil case for another pen and found a note on my book. I didn't want to open it because G had sent me weird notes before and how did I know she wouldn't do it again? At lunch Iread it. It said: To L (me) I know you like J but don't make it look like you like him. I think they were telling me to play hard to get. Are they serious? I had been almost point blank ignoring him for the past few months! What was I supposed to do, say no to the teacher when she asked me to check his work, ONCE? And how an I supposed to completely ignore him when I see him every day, or if he says 'hi'? What am I supposed to do I'm really stressed. Plus
We ( Me, him, 1 of his best friends, another girl, and another boy) go to secondary, I probably won't see him and he'll probably get a girlfriend! I mean, he has blonde hair AND blue eyes.. I have to tell him.. but I'm too shy! It's like that song that goes,'Only know you love her when you let her go' But I'll only want to tell him when I can't! When there's 999 other people for him to talk to. (91446)
38 days ago
Recently I got to sit with him (J) for 1 lesson (it's a small school so 1 class sits together in the same room for all lessons). Unluckily, someone I had told was sitting on my other side and was asking me questions about him / sitting next to him although she knew he could hear. Let's call her G. Anyway, a few minutes through english, G asked me ' Are you happy you got to sit next to J?'. She continued with this for the rest of the lesson, finishing with 'So you like J, have you told him yet?'. Throughout the lesson while I was going to tell her to stop she shut me down with ' I can't help you J is your partner if you have a question you need to ask him.' After I asked him to check my work she asked 'Did he enjoy it?'. Why on earth would she say that it's weird and kinda creepy! (91446)
38 days ago
So I've liked this guy since year 5 in primary (or 5th grade in elementary) and I'm in year/grade 6 now. In 5th we sat next to each other in class and he seemed really friendly. Once it came to 6th he acted even more like he liked me and I told a few people aside from my best friend. They insisted he likef me and repeatedly told me to tell him. I attempted it but I was too shy. It ended up with everyone who was on the football pitch ended up guessing althouh I think a few people who didn't know had guessed. To top it all of I ended up breakinh a fence( too many people were leaning on it) and had too skip of with my bff and act like nothing had happened. I'm mortified just thinking about it. Anyway, that was the day before half term so I spent the time off stressing. No one has said anything since. I don't want to bore everyone so I won't mention any more embarrassing things that have happened.
Lily (91446)
38 days ago
Lol same ... I think he knows thos
Idg a s❤️It if he cares (42931)
58 days ago
He might like me but he has no clue.... go flirt with him Already what are u still doing here

Mini Becky G (63901)
70 days ago
Awww Douglas Girl! Be sweet to him when he does to you. And dont worry if he flirts with other girls. They might just be all close friends with him. Take a chance. OK? Take my advice. After all, i am in middle school so i have a full life of that kind of stuff. 😂
Dowglas's Girl (41647)
83 days ago
Also I flirt with him a lot. I flirt with a lot of guys. Don't judge me. My friends say I need a break from guys. They all dared me to stop talking about him for a week! Wanna no how long that lasted? 5 sec. Next thing we new I for asked who would I marry kiss and kill. I mentioned my crush lol
Dowglas's Girl (41647)
83 days ago
Help help help! My crush flirts with like a couple of girls including me. Who does he like?? I'm in 4th grade and we have known each other since 1st grade!! Every time we pass by each other he looks away and I once caught him smiling but I didn't say anything. I catch him staring at me from ACROSS the hallway AND lunch room! I no that cause I don't stop talking about him so.... U no... But like sersly when we switch classes he is like looking at me. And... I'm in his homeroom and he is in my friends homeroom. I have a seat that can see him anytime. Same with him!!. Litterly looks at me like 6 times a class. We have gym together on Friday and Thursday and I heard him say to one of his friends that... Thursday and friday r his favorite days. Whaaaaaat... Aka i no that on of his friends has a HUGE crush on me. Well the whole school knows actually. And my friends think that some of his friends like me. Does he like me? Also my friend sits at the table next to him at lunch and she told me (she tells me EVERYTHING) that she heard the guys talking about me. The guys are my crush and his friends. He talks to this gurl in his class like ALL THE TIME. I have no classes with him and i asked like 5 times to move to his class! Answer was NO!! does he like me??Some advice pls!!
Sky (75657)
116 days ago
I like him and my friend savinna told him in the 5 th grade i am 11 and in 6 th btw but i denied it. His friend liked me tho. Hid in on my contacts snd when why havent you blicked me yet he says idk then i said i just assumed you didnt like me and then he said no u r fine. I hope ymhe doesn't know. Also how can I get answers wrong its my life. 😐
Chipotle (06796)
132 days ago
He's my brothers friend, I'm 15, he's 18 and when we were younger he made fun of me all the time then I didn't see him and forgot about him THEN I'm at the high school this year and in the lunch room he's like: "Oh you're _____ sister, right?" and I recognized him then he talked to me and came over to hang with my bro and he talked to me when my bro was out of the room. Now he looks at me in the halls and sometimes talks to me about my Dog and this joke me him and my brother have. Idk he stares when I walk by and stuff, but he has a girlfriend and flirts with everyone...So idk
Viera (89431)
159 days ago
Wait what if he talks you, and tells you to win mattball during gym, AND stares at you a lot, but keeps to himself?
abbi (28946)
205 days ago
bro I found love but he docent even know
CherryCat17 (11077)
208 days ago
Alyssa Valentin (88858)
222 days ago
I really want him to know to see how he reacts
Hi (69559)
432 days ago
My bad i mean to like him 😊😊
Hi (69559)
432 days ago
I wish that he will notice that i like hine 💓💓💘💘💝❤❤
jonalyn (64050)
774 days ago
hmm i hope s0meday that he will appreciate my love for him^,^
Emily is sad (23546)
797 days ago