Homophobia Quiz

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This is part of a college project so please help me by filling it in! It will hopefully help me determine today's social perceptions of homosexuality and peoples views to homophobia.

  • 1
    I am a member of the LGBT Community
  • 2
    I understand what LGBT stands for
  • 3
    I have no problem with homosexuality and believe that it is a natural thing

  • 4
    I have never witnessed homophobia
  • 5
    I have never taken part in a homophobic attack
  • 6
    I am aware that common statements such as 'I accept it as long as it's not in my face' or 'why are you gay?' are deemed highly offensive

  • 7
    The government do as much campaigning for gay awareness as they do racial awareness and global warming issues
  • 8
    I know that names such as 'poof' and 'dyke' are branded as homophobia and by using such terms I could be charged by the police
  • 9
    When I was first introduced to same-sex awareness, it was promoted in a good light
  • 10
    I think same-sex education in schools is as important as common sex education

  • 11
    The police and the government deal too lightly with homophobia
  • 12
    Gay marriage is a good and natural thing
  • 13
    Two men/women should be able to walk down the street holding hands without being stared at or challenged about their relationship
  • 14
    I believe the day will come when a gay/lesbian couple will walk down the street holding hands and it will be seen as natural as a man and a woman
  • 15
    Full equality should apply to both heterosexual and homosexual relationships in things such as: adoption, marriage and rights

Comments (22)


467 days ago
15/15 (=^๏ฝฅ^=) im Gay but how are MY OPINIONS "correct"? like opinions can't be correct or incorrect.
581 days ago
I got 11 out of 15 because apparently 4 of my opinions are incorrect /:
655 days ago
I got 13/15 I think one of them is because of me seeing homophobes, but I don't understand. Also, how could I have gotten 13/15 like I'm not even close to homophobic at all.
709 days ago
I am 12.5 and like I'm a girl who is bisexual with and 95% preference for girls so like I'm just oit there simping for girls who are like twice my age. Being bi is wierd for me cos I love women but last night I thought about guys and I had to try SO hard not to throw up. I'm starting to think maybe I'm jus a good old Lesbean. Lesbian and Lesbean, whic are you...?
787 days ago
I love sexygirls
806 days ago
Also the emoji at the end is me saying what the f
806 days ago
Me being gay asf: ๐Ÿ‘U๐Ÿ‘
Homophobes: ๐Ÿ‘n๐Ÿ‘
Me: โ€”๐Ÿ‘„โ€” I pretend not to see

This is so cringy ๐Ÿ•Š
835 days ago
I said that when I was first introduced to LGBT matters it wasn't portrayed in a good light, that's cause my family is homophobic. I'm not, I'm bi myself and love everyone. The hecc?
994 days ago
idk why im here but having seen homophobia doesn't make you homophobic. thats like saying if you've seen a suicide that makes you suicidal. makes no sense.
1000 days ago
How can you be charged by the police for insulting someone using 'dyke' and other offensive words? Just asking, not saying I am a homophobe..can't really be afraid of myself, but wouldn't that go against
freedom of speech?
1099 days ago
I got 12/15, only because I said Iโ€™ve witnessed homophobia and/or Iโ€™ve seen it....which makes no sense btw
1241 days ago
I only clicked on this quiz to see the comments, you Disgusting people that say there homophobic you are wrong. I do respect you opinion, but it makes me pissed to read some of this stuff. Iโ€™m lesbian and happy. So, all you homophobic people should respect are opinion and being gay. Does it really matter. Love is love and not so based stuff. Where everyone has to be the stereotypical boy and girl relationship. Thank you for reading and if you are part of the ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ community, I love you the way you are and you should love your self too!
1414 days ago
Lol there's a right or wrong to this quiz. Not caring if your gay is comdemned homophobic
1430 days ago
There are no right or wrong answers, only opinions. I am homophobic and have gay relative and friends i do not approve of their lifestyle at all but I do care about them as persons. I am not here to judge anyone but I have my beliefs and I hold on to them.
1470 days ago
Lol I don't even know why I took this quiz, I'm bi and gender queer why would I be homophobic
1616 days ago
even though i dont really think our government (its an african country, you take guesses) gives a care about LGBTQ (or maybe never even heard of it), or anything about technology or mental illnesses like depression which leads to suicide, i fully accept it as a concept and i believe its not a choice to be gay/lesbian or even an Asexual .... even if i am not gay but i am still accepting
1813 days ago
I need to learn to be more accepting, guys.
2077 days ago
this test is too general...when it asks questionsis it about my country or the world..rights chances and adoption are 3 different thingsyet im asked if I stand for them in one question...poorly done
2087 days ago
Cats aren't allowed to get married yet so technically no one should
2332 days ago
It's not wise to try and ignore points of view that make you uncomfortable, the reality is that millions of people think that homosexuality is wrong, this is a fact and no amount of legislation will change this. Do you really think that a bit of legislation will change thousands of years of religious teaching in Islam and Christianity? of course it won't.
Personally I believe that gay folk should be left alone and certainly not persecuted for their sexuality under any circumstances, but I do think that marriage is not for homosexuals and can't ever be, if you believe it can be you simply do not understand what marriage is or what it means, I do however I fully support civil union for gays and lesbians.
I think the current UK government have done much to harm the gay community by legalising "same๐Ÿ•Šmarriage", it has taken away much of the individuality and uniqueness that gays and lesbians used to have, but worse than that it has stirred up a lot of anger that could have been avoided, I truly feel that David Cameron's party have harmed the gay and lesbian community in a huge way.