Just for ULTIMATE Naruto fans!

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You think you know more about Naruto than me? This is a challenge!

  • 1
    Who is this?
    Who is this?
  • 2
    What's Shikamaru's favourite phrase?
  • 3
    Who is Gaara's brother?
  • 4
    What does "Karasu" mean?
  • 5
    What's the position of Sasori's ring?
  • 6
    Ino and Sakura are...
  • 7
    Sarutobi Asuma is the Sensei of ...
  • 8
    The only one who became chuunin at the 1st Chuunin exam is....
  • 9
    Shikaku is ...
  • 10
    Shukaku (not Shikaku) is ...
  • 11
    Fuuin no jutsu Genryuu Kyuufuujin is technique which belongs to...
  • 12
    Rock Lee has got a crush on...
  • 13
    Temari and Kankurou are...
  • 14
    Who's that?
    Who's that?
  • 15
    Kimimaru, SakonUkon, Kidoumaru, Tayuya and Jiroubou are....
  • 16
    Jiraya summons ...
  • 17
    What is the name of the creature The 3th summoned while he was fighting Orochimaru?
    What is the name of the creature The 3th summoned while he was fighting Orochimaru?
  • 18
    Naruto Sasuke and Sakura's Sensei is ...
  • 19
    Kakashi summons ....
  • 20
    Gai is a famous ....
  • 21
    Kurenai is a famous ....
    Kurenai is a famous ....
  • 22
    Hyuuga Neji's seal is on his....
  • 23
    Naruto invents a new technique in the age of 12. Its name is ...
  • 24
    Hinata has got a crush on.....
  • 25
    "Sasori" means .....

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Comments (48)


82 days ago
mor than the creatoor
93 days ago
what the just happened, i must get 20 but i answered ino,shikamaru and and sakura for real ugh it mut be choji cause choji,ino,and shikamaru.ugh i hate my score.(crys loud.
167 days ago
Shikamarus phrase is not jeez how troublesome it's what a drag he always says that
169 days ago
I Believe that no one summons bugs. However, Sheno USES bugs
184 days ago
Sorry again auto correct i meant to say toads
184 days ago
Sorry I meant to say roads not “roads) 😹😹
184 days ago
Make a quiz when you know the correct answer is , Shikamaru says ,”What a drag” .If you look at Sasori’s fingers so much you’re plain creepy .How must dub users know what the Sexy Jutsu is in Japanese if we watch it in English ,cause we don’t wanna read annoying subtitles with the wrong timing !!Jiraiya summons roads just ,if you wanted to know Not frogs !Naruto did not invent the Sexy Jutsu when he was twelve he did it when he was little !Also because I look on pinterest I know some of the Justus in Jappanese and FYI ,you spelled them wrong .The test was fine I guess
190 days ago
Why would you even pay attention to his fingers?!
190 days ago
23/25... This quiz was a bit difficult👍
208 days ago
I dont know japonasse how the heck u say at sexy no jutsu???
223 days ago
this was a good quiz
225 days ago
Jiraiya summons TOADS not FROGS😑
225 days ago
I'm so very happy when I tried it
236 days ago
Orioke no jutsu should be sexy jutsu
246 days ago
some jutsu spelled wrong
248 days ago
Some of the Jutsu's were spelled wrong.
254 days ago
Wow wow im a dog lol
256 days ago
Naruto invented the oiroke no just when he was little😑
280 days ago
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii
292 days ago
Shikamaru favorite phrase is ugh such a drag or sometime what a drag not whatever u got there if u don't know then don't do naruto quiz