What's Your Style?[Quiz Only For Girls]

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Preppy, Goth, Hip-hop, Chic, Sporty...what is your style?

  • 1
    What outfits do you usually wear?
  • 2
    What kind of guy do you like?
  • 3
    You have a homework from school ... and... surprise: you didn't do it last night and you forgot to bring it to school to submit it! What do you do?

  • 4
    That night you're afraid, alone at your house. Your relatives are out of the town for one week. What do you do?
  • 5
    What do you do to chill your stress?
  • 6
    What sport do you like to play?

  • 7
    How many true friends at school do you have?
  • 8
    A thin, Gothic boy in your school say that he wants to be your boyfriend. You...
  • 9
    Which film/TV serial do you like to watch?
  • 10
    What music genre do you like?

Comments (24)


83 days ago
Ok but I ain’t goth tho i wear shorts and a crop too rarely anything black
188 days ago
This test is so stereotypical. We need to open up the boundaries a bit and give girls some slack, we don’t think of boys, drama, hair, “popularity level”(what ever tf that means) 24/7!
224 days ago
I am NOT emo I didnt even press a single emo thing
256 days ago
Yeah, I’m not popular one bit, also I like girls, not boys...
436 days ago
I don’t like sports and also the enemy and friend stuff is just pure bs :((
544 days ago
I’m not into boys ....
563 days ago
And why were there no options for: NO THANKS, IM NOT INTO GUYS???
563 days ago
Very stereotypical.
617 days ago
Well that was useless
658 days ago
I mean gothic boys not goth vote xD
658 days ago
Also just don't make some more mean stuff and NO BOYS cause I'm not into goth vote or any kind of boys
658 days ago
This wasn't my style well it's kinda challenging but I really liked it please make some more hard quizes
685 days ago
what are these answer choices????? i am not a mean person and i would politely turn down anyway i am not interested in not be rude and mean, also i’m not goth for sure soooooo thanks bye.
762 days ago
This is so not true, I’m so not a trendsetter, I wish I was tho xD
939 days ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS QUIZ IT IS AWESOME ❤❤❤💘💘❤💘👄💋💘💘❤💓💓💟💟💟💟💖💖💗💗💙💙💚💛💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 💕💕💕💖💗💗🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💝💞💞💟💟❤❤💘💘❤❤❤❤❤❤💘💘💋👄👄💋💘💘❤💓💓💕💖 💖💗💖💗💖💕💓❤❤💘💘
952 days ago
I am a fabulous chic
956 days ago
All my % said I was goth but I'm not, I'm just saying it not my type but I'm not against anyone though! I don't care what kind of boy will be my boyfriend I just care if he really cares about me and if he is nice to everyone
960 days ago
I don’t think goth is my type but I am not against goth people😁 but those quiz questions were rude af
1034 days ago
That was so mean to gothic people. I am atotal fashionista and I got sportyEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!
1548 days ago
This was retarded asf.. And it was so mean to goths.. like if I liked that person then I would say yes but I if I didn't it's not just bc they are goth. Like ssrly. Wth?.. I would politely deny and say 'hopefully you find someone who will like/love you for everything you are. :) ' and who gives someone flowers bc they didnt want to dress someone? Like.. these quizzes are getting stupider and stupider as I do more..