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Are you easily Annoyed?

13.02 % of users had this result: Ray of Sunshine Your always happy and full of delight and try not to worry and wake up thinking another fine day! You must love being yourself and your not easily annoyed, in fact you hardly know the meaning of it!

59.85 % of users had this result: Normal Living Day by Day You live your life daily and normally and have your problems and things that annoy you and that but other than that you only worry sometimes and are kind of easily annoyed

27.1 % of users had this result: Bit Grumpy You're a bit grumpy in the mornings, and are easily annoyed. Everything is annoying if you look at it from that point of view. Easily annoyed nearly always see problems in a bad way not a way that can be easily fixed. But you have your own unique way of life, a new way of living and your doing just fine.

0.03 % of users had this result: