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What is your fashion style?

35.01 % of users had this result: PRETTY CHIC You like pretty, pink things. You like to think of yourself as being cute and girly. You are lots of fun to be with - if you want a giggle, but beware of being too focused on yourself and pretty things that you forget the real thing in life: nature, family, friendships, love...

10.87 % of users had this result: BOMBSHELL BEAUTY You like guys very much. You dress to impress them. You feel lost when a guy don't return your longing stare. You feel sexy when you wear revealing clothes. Guys may like you, but beware because they may also like hamburgers - eat and enjoy it, but never look at it again...

31 % of users had this result: CASUAL COMFORT You like to feel comfortable. You're fun and easy-going, but not easy and cheap. You value the important things in life: family, friends, love and knowledge. People like you, because you are true to your own beliefs and passions. Sometimes you don't even care about what people think about your clothes, because you know that ones worth cannot be calculated by ones clothes. You go girl!

20.26 % of users had this result: STYLISH, STRUCTURED, SOPHISTICATED You are a sophisticated lady. Too much glitter, floral, pastel colours and accessories leave you feeling stupid. You like too look intelligent and structured. You see yourself as a successful person and always strive for perfection. You love fashion, but only if it fits in your picture of yourself. You don't like looking bold and funny, but enjoy looking well-cared for, clean and stylish. Nice, Lady!

2.87 % of users had this result: