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What's Your Dog Breed, My Friend?

8.06 % of users had this result: Yay! You're a Pitbull from the streets! That's cool. You're mean, you luv to eat cats and other small dogs, you attack birds, and small children. I'm surprised you're not on America's Most Wanted. You're like a houndhell or something.

27.26 % of users had this result: Whoo-hoo! A Siberian Husky that fled a LONG time ago to join the wolves. You don't really remember what your Human home was like. But you're happy with your life now, as the leader of a wolf pack.

20.29 % of users had this result: Oh joy. A spoiled little Pomeranian. You know, you're really boring. I don't like dogs like you. But you like your place, so yay for you.

44.38 % of users had this result: You're the original house dog. Either a Yellow Lab, or a Dachshund, maybe even a Beagle. But you're cool. I love you... not like that.