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What's Your Relationship and Guy like?

22 % of users had this result: Well, I would say that your relationship is so-so, and that the guy you're with is really boring and basically in to school and family time. He doesn't mind being with or without a girlfriend, and you're just like another thing to deal with to him.

38.14 % of users had this result: You're relationship is "just right", and you're with a "just right" type of guy. He's pretty well balanced and knows how to juggle the relationship, as well as other things like family and school. Although he can be forgetful, or a little inconsiderate at times, the good outweighs the bad, and that's all that counts.

19.3 % of users had this result: Eww. This relationship is just a flop. You're guy is obviously more into his friends than you. Although he tries to include you, you still don't come before his friends. And that sister, just will not work It's time to let it go

20.57 % of users had this result: What are you thinking? you probably don't even know this guy well enough, or it's just physical attraction or something. I mean, he barely cares about you, and probably doesn't even know your number by heart (it's just programmed in his cell phone). You're probably just a sideline ho to him.