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Kingdom Hearts Pathway

8.39 % of users had this result: You'd choose the path to darkness. While you'd have plenty of power, you're on your own and expect to be feared. You want to do whatever you want even if it means bringing destruction to those that get in your way. Obviously you're just like Xemnas or Marluxia.

39.06 % of users had this result: You put your friends ahead of you and you do your best to protect them. You'd follow the path to light or twilight with the keyblade. You have courage and have a strong will, which are you best assets. Your character is like Sora, but even be Cloud or Leon(Squall).

7.11 % of users had this result: Although you're somewhat of a lone wolf, you still care for your friends, but probably wouldn't admit it. You got a strong heart and determination. You take the road to dawn, with a little dark and a little light. Your character is much like Riku or even Roxas.

1.25 % of users had this result: You pretty much do what you feel like with no particular preference. You wouldn't take a road with a keyblade, but have some qualities of an organization member, which isn't all bad. Your character would be like Axel or Sephiroth. Told you it wasn't too bad. You just do what you feel like. A drifter in a sense.

44.19 % of users had this result: You tend to take the easy road often and probably won't be the first to run against the heartless. In fact, you pass as being among them. You wouldn't be chosen by keyblade by any chance and probably wouldn't make it in the organization. Your character is much like the heartless or nobodies. You might be a Maleficent or Hades at best.