How much do you love him?

Developed by: Aundrea

Find out how much you really do love him!

  • 1
    When he stares at you, you....
  • 2
    When he smiles and says "Hi!" to you, you....
  • 3
    If he calls/called you, you....
  • 4
    He asks/asked you to meet him after school, you....
  • 5
    He asks you out(the guy you like), and you say...
  • 6
    If he pressures you to have sex with him you...(and you aren't ready)
  • 7
    He and you are ready to maybe go out on a date you..
  • 8
    He says "I love you..." you.......
  • 9
    He sends you a dozen roses for Valentines day, you..
  • 10
    He has to leave you in your sexual health class and work with the really pretty in your class, you...
  • 11
    His phone is off and he is at a girls' house you..
  • 12
    He tells you " I am going to need you trust me more.." you......
  • 13
    He is getting a new job, guys strip cubs, when he will serve drinks naked to all kinds of pretty ladies you.......
  • 14
    He starts drinking and hanging out with the stoner's you.......
  • 15
    He is moving far away and is only able to come back 1 a year, you...

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KC (95875)
325 days ago
i might answer the call but when he starts to talk about video games i fake that the connection is breaking and make a crakeling sound over the phone for a few seconds before i hang up