Do you think you know your stuff when it comes to Friends? Haha! Let's see! By taking this quiz you can prove how good you are!

  • 1
    What colour was the cat that jumped on Ross?
  • 2
    What chord is ICEBURG?
  • 3
    How did Phoebe injure the cop when she lived on the streets?
  • 4
    What time did Monica schedule Mike to go to the toilet at Phoebe's wedding dinner?
  • 5
    Ross is a...
  • 6
    When Rachel and Phoebe entered Emma into the Beauty pageant whose costume did they use?
  • 7
    When Monica and Chandler have the adoption lady over, what is taped to the back of the toilet tank?
  • 8
    What is Joey's word for danger?
  • 9
    What colour was the necklace that Ross bought Rachel which she exchanged?
  • 10
    When Monica gets married what does Chandler buy for her?
  • 11
    Ross' library book is on which floor?
  • 12
    What did Joey buy for the woman who was also having a baby?
  • 13
    How did Monica get the smell of the cookies over to Chandler and Joey's apartment?
  • 14
    In the one with the late thanksgiving, what did Rachel, Phoebe and Ross stuff down Joey's pants?
  • 15
    When Rachel had Emma, what colour pyjamas was she wearing

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