Are You Stupid? True or False?

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A true or false quiz on the basic anatomy of the world.

  • 1
    The dictionary has the definition of words?
  • 2
    Yahoo is a search engine on the world wide web.
  • 3
    Barbie is based on a real person.

  • 4
    Cleaning is a sport.
  • 5
    Marble is a type of wood.
  • 6
    A dog is the most common wild animal.

  • 7
    Mountain Dew is from the makers of GATORADE.
  • 8
    Everyone in America has a warm home.
  • 9
    Everyone has a Birthday.
  • 10
    GOOD HOUSEKEEPING has been around longer than 1924.

Comments (3)


956 days ago
I'm a genius I got 9 out of 10
987 days ago
I just put everything false and I passed
987 days ago
I didn't even look at the questions